Social responsibility

As part of Addtech, Compotech works for long-term development in the social area of ​​sustainability. This includes development of our employees, health and safety, business ethics and sustainability collaboration with our suppliers.

Added social value

Compotech works for good business ethics, diversity and equal opportunities as well as development opportunities for all our employees. In our business, all employees must have a healthy and safe working environment with good working conditions. We also work for responsible production in our supply chain. Our culture is largely based on the basic idea that if our employees grow, so does the business. In the end, it is our employees who make the difference, therefore social responsibility is an important area to constantly develop in.

Code of Conduct

The Group’s (Addtech) internal code of conduct applies to all employees in the business and acts as a compass for our employees. We conduct our business with high business ethics, work to reduce our environmental impact, respect human rights in our own business and drives the requirements further in our supply chain.

The basis for cooperation with suppliers is our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Through dialogue and systematic follow-up, we work to ensure that the minimum requirements in our code are met in areas such as: human rights, working conditions, equal treatment against corruption and the environment. The Addtech Group’s Code of Conduct supports the UN Global Compact, the ILO’s core conventions and the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies.

See our Code of Conduct here.

Sustainability Reporting

Compotech has reported social data based on GRI since 2012. The reporting is included in the Addtech Group’s annual sustainability report, which gives customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders the opportunity to take part in our development. Sustainability data is reviewed by a third party to ensure transparency and data quality. Some of the areas that are reported are the Group’s energy use, climate impact, staff turnover and the health and safety of employees.

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