In house design consultancy

We develop, produce and deliver profitable & sustainable products & sub-systems.

We are not a design consulting company that has the goals to sell billable hours. Instead we are an elite design team helping customers through the whole process from idea to a ready-made serial produced product. Self-developed by us or in collaboration with our clients.

Our goal for our clients to be profitable

Create a low-risk and high-reward scenario. We do not take large pre-studies fees or long-term payment. Instead, we use our skateboard model to breakdown a project down in small pieces where we can complete and deliver value every step of the way.

Depending on your challenge – our mission is to contribute the parts of your vision.

Engineering - Design

We complement research & develoment processes and elevate products. Our fields of expertise combine cutting-edge expertise in several areas.


Experienced designers with electrician experience to make final product right on first iteration.


Ready to use modules from in-house design resource library which shorten time-to-market.


Expertise in structural analysis and transfer of mechanical energy in the most efficient fashion.


Strong focus on reliable and tested code snippets to complement the whole application.

Industrial design - Collaborate & develop

Our project method allow us to deliver consistent result when transfering ideas quickly, safely and efficiently into optimised serial productions.


We collaborate with users and stakeholders to understand their workflows and needs.

Ideating & Sketching

Populating ideas is the key to discover new solutions.


Testing ideas through prototypes with users helps us to eliminate less feasible and non-ergonomic solutions.


From ideas to manufacturable solution is a result of a long lasting partnership with our customers.


Optimizing products at the DFM stage could be already too late. Having DFM experts in the team saves time and money.

Customization is our standard

We originated as a supply and logistic company that added the service of production. Now we complemented with our own engineering and industrial design. One stop shop with turnkey solution.

Electrical Design

  • Design with Zuken E3
  • Equipment to build a prototype
  • Manufacturing by in-house

Electronic Design

  • Design with Altium Designer
  • Production of PCB
  • Purchase of Components
  • Manufacturing of low volume samples internally
  • Write firmware for microcontroller and microprocessors
  • Test PCB and conduct pre-compliance
  • Long term testing and analysis
  • Consultants to conduct

Industrial Design

  • Partners for 3D printing
  • Partners for injection moulding and vacuum forming


We have extensive experience of similar projects. For example, we have developed an integration and PCB design for Klimatbyrån and a strategic design for branding and product segmentation for our Xynrgi dimmer. In this way we make the final result worth more than the sum of its component parts.

Electrical Panel

The client wanted to buy a drive and a motor. We went in to ask a bit more what they wanted to do. Assisted them in the design of the panel. We did the design for a consulting rate and had the chance to integrate our products in their design.

  1. Doing the design on Zuken E3

  2. Building a prototyp and sent to use for test

  3. Preparing all documentation for full scale production

  4. Providing a education to prepare the customers team in how to build this cabinet themselves

PCB design – motor driver

The client wanted a motor and was asking about if we could redo their motor driver which had some issues. We instead made a PCB that will fit in the motor case which will save the costs of manufacturing, cabling and installation.

Steps through the process:

    1. Building a quick prototype.

    2. Designing with Altium Designer, written software on MPLAB for microchip.

    3. Producing a small scale of 10 pieces for testing.

    4. Simulation of long term testing for 500.000 cycles.

    5. Running a pre-complience test with ESD discharge test.

    6. Providing all documentation for full scale production.

    7. Doing the production, programming and testing through EMS.

Make your vision a reality

Don´t hesitate to contact our developers if you want to know how our resources in electronics, electrical, mechanical engineering and industrial design can help your vision for your next application become reality.

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