Optics is a broad area that includes more than just lenses. Our products complement lenses with focus mechanisms, apertures, calibration shutters and vibration reduction.

Although the majority of our product segment is based primarily on solutions focusing on high performance and optimised characteristics, we also have simpler parts cast in different plastics. The choice of material and design depends on the characteristics you are looking for and the volume in which you intend to produce the product. A common material in this context is POM. Parts can be obtained straight from casting, without subsequent machining, with very high tolerance levels.

We are keen to be involved from the concept stage

A majority of all the products we supply are customised or specially developed for a specific application. With our extensive R&D facilities behind us, we are keen to be involved from the concept stage in order to adapt or develop the product and optimise it to meet your challenges. Read more about how we create value.

Optical tubes

Optical tubes made of aluminium, various stainless steel alloys or various types of plastics. Hardness and tolerances according to functional requirements. Depending on the requirements, it is not only possible but also often desirable to combine different types of materials and methods of production/tolerance levels to obtain as good a solution as possible.

Precision mechanics

Precision mechanics for zoom and focus – everything tailor made for your specific application. We are happy to work with tight tolerances for diameter and roundness. In certain applications we work only in metal, but in othersit may be appropriate to combinemetal with plastic, or provide a complete solution in some type of plastic material.

Zoom & focus systems

Complete zoom or focus subsystems, tailored to the application. We build these systems in close collaboration with our customer to obtain optimum performance, the correct installation dimensions and the correct precision. Depending on the application, we base the systems on different motor technologies such as stepper motors, piezo or brushless motors.

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Tech Support Manager

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