Low frequency magnetic fields have a disruptive effect in many different situations. Rail traffic can cause high magnetic fields over a short time and this can interfere with medical equipment, for example, that is located close to the track. There are also applications in the defence industry where magnetic interference can give rise to problems.
We can offer solutions to these problems with our ready-made magnetic shielding which can be specifically tailored to every conceivable situation such as magnetically shielded rooms and shielding for automotive applications.


Magnetic shielding for low frequency magnetic fields is mostly made from the material mu-metal. Its high permeability makes this material very suitable for providing good shielding. We can supply standard parts in the form of transformer shielding etc.

Shielded rooms

Many sensitive magnetic and medical measurements require extremely low magnetic interference fields. A magnetically shielded room can screen out magnetic fields with the aid of mu-metal (high permeability) and aluminium in the walls. We can supply shielded rooms designed for your specific requirements.

Customised magnetic shielding

In most cases products require special shielding. We can produce customised turned, punched, laminated and deep-drawn parts with subsequent magnetic final annealing to obtain the best magnetic shielding effect.

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