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Compotech in a glimpse

  • Cutting edge team of product-sourcing specialists, elite sales staff and business developers
  • In-house design team of engineers and industrial designers
  • Founded in 1990
  • Offices in Stockholm, Umeå, Shenzhen and Shanghai with ~30 employees
  • Central warehouse in Gothenburg
  • Own production of protypes & small to medium volumes
  • Quality and purchasing organisation in Sweden & China
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Process System) & ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
  • Ecovadis silver
  • The Entrepreneur of the year 2023 in Addtech
  • Compotechs own brand Xynrgi

Compotech is a part of the technology trading group Addtech

  • Leading technical solutions for a sustainable tomorrow
  • High-tech products and solutions to customers primarily in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors
  • ~4,100 employees in approx 150 independent subsidiaries in around 20 countries
  • Net Sales 20 bn SEK
  • Listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Large cap
  • EBITA margin 14,3%
  • Focus in sustainability

Motors & motion control

HMI, display & switch

Smart lighting

Magnetics & acoustics


Industrial design

Turnkey solutions

Saving time, increasing profitability and adding knowledge.


Sustainable technical development.

Our vision is to deliver leading technical solutions for a sustainable future. As part of Addtech, we carry out long-term work in sustainable development. This includes the development of our employees, their health and safety, business ethics and cooperation with our suppliers in sustainability. Therefore, we continuously strive to:

  • Support our customers in their challenges by developing technology solutions that create value and are sustainable.
  • Ensuring compliance with our code of conduct.
  • Create long-term value for our owners and investors by ensuring relevant and transparent reporting and constantly developing our sustainability initiatives.


Make your vision reality.

Many things we take for granted today were impossible yesterday. People can’t fly. But we do. No one knows which of today’s impossibilities will become certainties tomorrow. Our mission is to contribute the parts of your innovations.

At Compotech ideas become reality. We develop, produce and deliver profitable & sustainable products and pioneering advances for optimum levels of engineering precision and efficiency. Self-developed by us or in collaboration with our clients and partners. With more than 30 years of experience we are specialists in the little things that make all the difference. The things that can make your vision a reality.