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Many things we take for granted today were impossible yesterday. People can’t fly. But we do. No one knows which of today’s impossibilities will become certainties tomorrow. Our mission is to contribute the parts of your innovations. At Compotech ideas become reality. We develop everything from simple solutions to pioneering advances for optimum levels of engineering precision and efficiency. With more than 30 years of experience we are specialists in the little things that make all the difference. The things that can make your vision a reality.

What is a Halbach array and what is it used for?

In this video we explain what a Halbach array is, what it’s used for and which advantages it might bring.

Connect your motor and motion controller FAULHABER MC v3.0

We guide you all the way from downloading the free software, to writing and running a simple program that demonstrates a few different types of motion.

Of course, both motor and motion controller can do significantly more than we show here. Want to know more? Ask us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Quick tips

Linear motion

Many applications for electric motors involve the conversion of a rotary motion to a linear motion, e.g. in actuators, XY tables, zoom or focus in optical applications etc. Learn more by reading our tips of five technologies for obtaining linear motion with electric motors.

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Directionality of microphones

The pick-up efficiency of a microphone may vary depending on the direction from which the sound comes. This characteristic can be an unavoidable consequence of the design of the microphone or a conscious design to obtain properties for specific purposes.

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Modern magnets and corrosion

Neodymium magnets, or rather NdFeB, are products produced by powder metallurgy and based on neodymium, iron and boron, which makes magnets that are impressive in relation to their strong magnetic field. They are actually the strongest permanent magnets that can be produced today.

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We customised the size and functionality of the components

LedgeCircle – 35 mm innovation that lights the way

Well thought-out lighting and a fresh appearance from the moment you step into the office was the idea behind the LedgeCircle ceiling range from the technology company DEFA. With a thickness of 35 mm – and world-class control options – the company itself points out that you can obtain a fresh and lightweight luminaire which is suitable for both walls and ceilings. Read more

Motors & Motion Control, HMI, Smart Lighting in addition to Magnetics & Acoustics

Working with you - we transform components into innovations that change the way we view energy, medical technology and automation.

Brushless servo motor