A capacitor is a passive electronic component which has the ability to store an electric charge.

The material between the plates is called the dielectric. The material used as the dielectric generally defines the names of the type of capacitor such as ceramic, plastic, paper or aluminium oxide (this type is, however, known as an electrolytic capacitor). The dielectric material has a significant impact on the properties and performance of a capacitor.

The capacitors sold by Compotech have a dielectric made of plastic film (polypropylene) with a thickness of 0.6 μm or else paper. This material is coated with a conductive layer of zinc and/or aluminium in a metallising process under vacuum. The metallised plastic or paper is rolled in a special process to the finished form and contacts are made for connection by means of additional zinc coating.

Unlike electrolytic capacitors there is no risk of the leakage of hazardous substance when using plastic film capacitors. They also have an estimated service life of 10 years. The capacitance of plastic film capacitors is generally lower but this is often outweighed by a substantial resistance to high voltages and currents.

The most common applications for our capacitors are as follows:

  • Filtering in DC links for frequency converters
  • AC filters for frequency converters and UPS
  • Snubber circuits for GTO thyristors
  • General AC/DC applications
  • Energy storage

Our capacitors

Our capacitors are manufactured by Alcon Electronics. The company has a unique position in the industry since its production includes the entire supply chain from extrusion of the plastic film to metallising and finally production of the finished capacitor.

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