Servo motors

A servo motor is not actually a specific type of motor but a collective name for motors with some type of position feedback such as encoders or resolvers.  Our servo motors are frequently based on DC motors or brushless synchronous motors (BLDC).  Servo motors are used for precise positioning and it is often important for them to have a low torque ripple.

Typical applications are robotics, medical technology, measurement technology or automation, in which highly dynamic operation with accurate positioning is important.

The motors are combined with a motion controller and often a high-performance gear unit such as a planetary gear.

You can often go a long way by combining standard products but in many cases a tailor-made product is required to achieve optimum performance.  We will be happy to help you design and develop a servo system that suits your application.

Four-pole servo motor BX4

High-performance servo motor with Hall-effect sensors and/or encoders.  The motor has a 4-pole rotor which provides a higher torque at a lower speed, which in turn means a lower gear ratio, more compact dimensions and a higher efficiency.  Available in four sizes ranging from 22 to 32 mm in diameter.

Completely free of magnetic cogging.

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Two-pole brushless servo motor

Cage-wound servo motors ranging from 6 mm diameter to 44 mm in diameter for demanding applications.  Available with a variety of different gears and feedback, including encoders and analogue and digital Hall-effect sensors.

Highly efficient cage-wound design providing high torque in a compact format and low weight.  Highly dynamic acceleration and deceleration. Completely free of magnetic cogging.

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Four-pole motor with integrated servo control

Servo motors with integrated servo control.  Can be used either as a standalone, single-axis servo solution or as part of a multi-shaft CANopen network.  Highly compact solution with many combination options.

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QuickShaft linear servo motor

This range of motors takes linear motion to completely new levels.  The miniaturised and high performance linear motors consist of a solid stator with a winding and a multi-pole magnetic rod.  Highly efficient magnets help the motors to achieve an excellent dynamic performance and power.

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DC servo motor

The original coreless DC motor was invented by Dr Fritz Faulhaber Sr. and was patented in 1958.  All motors in this series, ranging from 6 mm to 38 mm in diameter, are based on the cage-wound, coreless and self-supporting windings, which form the heart of all Faulhaber’s DC motors.  Combined with a gear unit and feedback (encoders or Hall-effect sensors) they are very potent servo motors for applications requiring maximum dynamics and high power in as light and compact a form as possible.

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