Development software for our motor controllers from Elmo, Galil and Faulhaber. Used both for the tuning and programming of motion controllers.

Video tutorial

If you want to learn how to program in BASIC and get MC v3.0 started – use our brief video introduction & guide.

GDK - Galil Design Kit

The Galil Design Kit (GDK) is Galil Motion Control’s newest software package for Galil motion controllers and PLCs. GDK is built on the efficient and powerful gclib programming API making communication with motion controllers and PLCs easy and effective. GDK’s modular design allows communication with one or many controllers with a core tool set including terminal, program editor, viewer, setup tool, scope, and tuner.

Download GDK


Elmo Application Studio II (EASII)

EASII takes your machine to maximum performance in a shorter time, simplifies the installation of drivers and motors and provides a range of powerful and intuitive software tools. The application includes a powerful auto-tuning tool which gets your drive started in just a few minutes. Even beginners can use EASIIs advanced features to provide a finely tuned servo control. Advanced users can benefit from a wide range of precision control and diagnostic tools.

Download EASII

FAULHABER Motion Manager

Operation and configuration programmes for FAULHABER Motion and Speed Controller via RS232, USB or CAN interface.

The “FAULHABER Motion Manager” software provides the user with comprehensive support for start-up and configuration of FAULHABER drive controls. The graphical user interface makes uniform and intuitive procedures possible independent of the device family and interface used.

Download Motion Manager

Application-specific software

Several of our controllers are programmed with the manufacturers own language, but it is also possible to communicate with some of them via APIs from a host computer. Regardless of whether you are developing a standalone application or need to control the motor controller from a computer, we can help you to develop the software. We have many years of experience of our controllers and adopt a consistent project methodology when developing application-specific software.