Do complete linear units fit in your application? 

Congratulations, you can then significantly simplify the design work. With stepper motor-driven complete linear units & guides, the support already done, you just need to mount your load.  Read more

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Here at Compotech, time for vacation is coming up. Some colleagues have already started theirs, while others are next in line. However, our offices will be staffed throughout the summer, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. During the summer, we are open from 08:15 to 16:30 Monday to Thursday. On Fridays in July, we are open from 08:15 to 12:00, and in June & August from 08:15 to 15:00.

We wish all our customers, suppliers, our staff, followers, and stakeholders a joyful summer!

Compact and powerful – the MC 3603 miniature motion controller

FAULHABER have recently expanded its product lineup with an innovative addition—the MC 3603 miniature motion controller, a game-changer designed without a housing for seamless integration. Read more

New compact motor control unit– the market’s most compact

Currently the smallest integrated motor control (IMC) unit on the market, FAULHABER introduces a new motion solution for controlling and managing motion!

Faulhaber’s new motion controller is now integrated into the powerful brushless motor series FAULHABER 22xx…BX4. This combination provides an impressively broad range of functions and performance. The motor integrated motor control unit (IMC) is only 18mm longer than the motor itself and includes servo control and a 12-bit encoder. With the new drive electronics, you can unleash the full performance of the BX4 motors. Read more

Register for the upcoming FAULHABER webinar 6 June 11-12!

Don´t miss out this opportunity for better understanding of the thermal behaviour of FAULHABER stepper motors! This time you will learn how the working conditions and parameters impact the temperature and how reduce the temperature in an application. Additionally, after attending the webinar 4 June, you´ll also know the difference between the ON and OFF modes and what should be considered when powering OFF a stepper motor!

If you are interested in a webinar but do not have time to attend, please register anyway and you will receive the link to the recording by e-mail.

Go to FAULHABER and register now.

WEBINAR: Grow better, grow smarter with FAULHABER drive systems for agricultural robotics

It’s almost time for the next FAULHABER webinar, and this time you will go through drive packages adapted for application requirements in agricultural robotics. In this webinar you will see how compact, high-quality and long lifetime drive systems can be used for smart farming applications.


  • Drive system components for smart farming

  • Combinations and special design

  • Tips and tricks for agricultural applications

  • Speed and motion control systems in agricultural robotics

  • Drive system selection for smart farming applications

Date & Time: Secure your spot and mark your calendar for the webinar on April 16 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Go to FAULHABER and register now (link)

Relox Robotics Golf robot

A golf robot for automating the world’s driving ranges!

The golf robot Range Picker is at the top of many golf clubs’ wish lists. However, Range Picker is already in use at clubs like PGA Frisco in Texas, Deer Walley Golf Range in Georgia, Seve Golf Center in Rotterdam and Troxhammar GK in Sweden. In Sweden, for instance, golf is the third most popular sport, and globally there are more than 60 million golfers. Therefore, the potential for Relox Robotics – the company behind Range Picker – is enormous. Read more

WEBINAR: Unlocking the secrets of sensors with FAULHABER

Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask regarding sensors. Join FAULHABER in this webinar and explore the world of sensors and encoders utilized in FAULHABER drive systems. This time you´ll get insights into motor operation, both with and without sensors, and delve into the similarities among various sensor technologies. Gain valuable advice on selecting the optimal sensor and encoder technology tailored to your specific application requirements.

When: Tuesday, February 27 at 11:00 – 12:00 AM

Go to FAULHABER and register now for free and receive valuable tips for selecting the right sensor and encoder technology (link)


Are you looking for a flat and compact motor that surpasses most in terms of torque and length-to-volume/weight ratio? Then you should sign up for FAULHABER’s webinar on September 26th. You will gain knowledge about a special winding technology that provides exceptionally high torque and efficiency. FAULHABER will also explore application examples and how to select drive systems using the FAULHABER Drive Calculator.

Date:Tuesday, September 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

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Here at Compotech, time for vacation is coming up. Several colleagues have already started theirs, while others are next in line. However, our offices will be staffed throughout the summer, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. We look forward to an autumn full of new challenges. Until then, we wish all you all a joyful summer.