Compact, highly reliable pushbuttons and Emergency Stop buttons

NEW pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons for 16.2 mm mounting holes are especially suitable for handheld control devices, or any application that requires robust switch functions in a low profile. They are very compact and provide distinct haptic feedback. Read more

TOFgard: Evolution in elevator door safeguarding!

The decades-old method of using light barriers and light curtains to safeguard elevator doors is about to come to an end – thanks to the TOFgard sensor from Swiss sensor solution specialist, CEDES. This compact and versatile Time Of Flight camera sensor offers the safeguarding function but extended across both the cabin and landing door closing edges. In other words, it offers genuine full door area protection for passengers, freight and the door itself. Up to now, light barriers and curtains have been used to safeguard passengers and freight entering and leaving elevators. Read more

iDiscovery: Elevator safety systems in one device!

The iDiscovery is a powerful SIL3 and EN 81compliant position supervisor unit. In conjunction with CEDES’ APS (Absolute Positioning System) it takes over safety-relevant elevator functions and devices of an elevator. These include detection of unintended car movement, pre-opening of doors, re-leveling with open doors, overspeed detection, retardation control and limit switches. All this significantly reduces the cost and complexity of both elevator equipment and installation. Read more


See the invisible with Flir’s cameras, an invaluable help to detect e.g. water damage

Since many years, we have a cooperation with FLIR Systems, a pioneer in the market of commersial thermography cameras, and supply them with electromechanics for their cameras. The cameras are today market leading for use e.g. within research and industry, but there are also uses that are closer to you everyday life. The thermography cameras have proven to be exceptional tools to detect and analyse the spread of a water damage in homes and other buildings.

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Surviving the toughest of challenges

– Dust, dirt, lubricants, moisture, and extreme temperatures: pushbuttons and switches for operating outdoor machines have to withstand a great deal. With the RAFIX 22 FSR, RAFI has developed a new control component series for rough outdoor use that can stand up to harsh weather conditions, mechanical force, dirt, and lubricants without any trouble.

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Great tactility in the smallest space

In order to protect operating functions from being unintentionally actuated, RAFI offers a new keyswitch from its RAFIX 22 FS+ control component series, an extraordinarily compact solution with an overall height of only 45.1 mm from the front plate. Despite its small dimensions, the compact keyswitch is characterized by a great level of tactility.

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Extra-flat RAFIX 30 FS+ for high-level design requirements

RAFI’s new RAFIX 30 FS+  series control components offer all the benefits as extra-flat lenses and an even lower overall height: the new series pushbuttons rise only 3.45 mm above the front plate.

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Pushbuttons for individual labeling

FLEXLAB pushbuttons from the RAFIX 22 FS series by RAFI can be individually labeled and allow mechanical engineers to reduce time for planning or making customization to operating devices. Thanks to the option of subsequently labeling the FLEXLAB pushbutton, function assignments relevant to the target application need not be taken into consideration too early, but can be carried out at a convenient later time – including by the end customer.

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