Extra-flat RAFIX 30 FS+ for high-level design requirements

RAFI’s new RAFIX 30 FS+  series control components offer all the benefits as extra-flat lenses and an even lower overall height: the new series pushbuttons rise only 3.45 mm above the front plate.

The actuators, with their extremely flat housing construction and a functional yet aesthetic shape, are designed for input solutions requiring high-quality and sophisticated design. In addition to the pushbuttons, available with translucent lenses in various colors and with momentary and latching functions, the RAFIX 30 FS+  series includes individually labelable pushbuttons, selector switches and keyswitches, signal indicators, and a USB interface application, which can be used to install an easily accessible USB slot in the front plates of control systems or ICPs.
Furthermore, pushbuttons in this series can be individually illuminated with SMD LEDs or equipped with MICON 5 short-travel keyswitches for distinct haptic perception. Contact block designs are available with PCB-solder terminals or quick-connect terminals. With PCB-solder terminal contact blocks, the control components can be easily integrated into system solutions, that place them together with other components on a printed circuit board. The very low mounting depth of only 15.8 mm saves space and material and enables the implementation of slim housings. For applications preferring direct wiring of operating elements instead of a PCB solution, QC contact blocks with a quick-connect terminal are used. Buttons can be illuminated by using LED clips. The contact block can simply be plugged into the actuators from behind and will lock permanently into place without the use of any tools. Connection is made via “Quick-Connect” flat plugs.