Core is a collective name for the magnetic material shaped in the form of a ring or other shape that is suitable for winding with conductive wires. They can be made up of homogeneous material or laminated in thin layers. An inductor or a transformer can be manufactured based on the core. Alloys with a special combination of high permeability and low losses are used as the basis for our range of cores.

Nanocrystalline materials

When designing common mode chokes for EMC filters you can gain significant benefits from using nanocrystalline materials. Because of their high permeability you can significantly reduce the size of the finished component compared with a choke based on ferrite materialWe also have complete sets of cores for preventing bearing damage in electric motors driven by frequency converters, known as EDM (Electric Discharge Machining).

Applications for cores include: EMC filters. power supply, converters for solar cells, UPS, welding units, wind turbines and frequency converters.

We are keen to be involved from the concept stage

A majority of all the products we supply are customised or specially developed for a specific application. With our extensive R&D facilities behind us, we are keen to be involved from the concept stage in order to adapt or develop the product and optimise it to meet your challenges. Read more about how we create value.

Amorphous cores

Cores based on amorphous materials are characterised by high permeability. Amorphous cores are strong and have good properties in terms of their resistance to fatigue.

We can supply cores epoxy coated or in trays with dimensions ranging from a few mm in diameter to large sizes.

Nanocrystalline cores

Nanocrystalline cores have a relatively high permeability and a high saturation value of around 1.2 T.

Nanocrystalline material is highly brittle and the cores must be supplied in trays or epoxy coated.

Iron powder

Iron powder cores belong to the group of cores with low permeability. These cores have a high saturation value which makes them particularly suitable where the focus is on high stability.

Ferrite cores

The ferrite material is a mixture of iron, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, nickel and zinc oxides. The cores are suitable for high frequency applications in coils, chokes and transformers etc.

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