Choose an HF or PIR sensor from the quality manufacturer Hytronik

With our strong range of Hytronik HF and PIR sensors we can help by customising the technology to the needs and the design instead of vice versa. The combination of functions and integrated technology lends itself to the development of Human Centric Lighting and other smart lighting.

HF – microwave/radar detection

HF sensors operate over long distances which makes them highly suitable for use in areas such as corridors, stairwells and basements. The Doppler technology – that is behind the characteristics – ensures that this type of sensor works regardless of the prevailing temperature with detection through all non-metallic materials. This ensures that obstacles such as normal walls, dust or smoke are not a problem, which can be the case when a passive infrared sensor is used.

PIR – passive infrared sensor

On the other hand, detection of passive infrared radiation is excellent for use within defined areas since the radiation does not penetrate the surrounding walls and the like. PIR sensors are activated by infrared radiation within a given temperature range. A greater temperature difference between the environment and people or objects ensures more certain detection since the radiation increases with the temperature. These characteristics make PIR sensors ideal for use in offices, for example.

Energy-saving sensors from Hytronik

Lighting is a major area where you can improve the environment and control energy consumption by using the right technology. Lighting plays a role in well-being and safety aspects in our indoor and outdoor environments.

Hytronik Nordic

Hytronik Nordic is part of Smart Lighting at Compotech. Hytronik is a global leader in the development and production of energy-saving products and intelligent lighting solutions. The company is at the forefront of innovation and product development in motion sensors, LED drivers, DALI components and TRIAC systems. Hytronik Nordic provides easy access to Hytronik’s full range, expert advice, technical support and efficient direct deliveries.

Advantages of early contact

We are experts in smart lighting control and can probably contribute new knowledge and technology to your lighting projects regardless of whether you are developing luminaires for indoor or outdoor use. Access to Hytronik’s strong logistics chain offers a further example of advantages for those who have manufacturing in northern Europe or in different units.

Hytronik HIR24

Stand-alone sensor for DALI broadcasting with built-in power supply which can handle just over 20 luminaires. HIR24 has a built-in daylight sensor.
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Hytronik HBIR29

Stand-alone sensor for DALI broadcasting with built-in power supply which can handle just over 20 luminaires. HBIR29 has a built-in daylight sensor and Bluetooth technology for quick and easy commissioning.


A budget variant for on/off control of lighting or equipment. The HC005S has a built-in daylight sensor and adjustable sensitivity to microwaves.
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Hytronik HC009S

The HC009S is like the HC005S, i.e. on/off for lighting or equipment, but with more advanced software. With the HC009S several sensors can be connected to the same luminaire, referred to as master to master, and can be used in long corridors, for example. The HC009S also has an automatic 100 hour burn-in function for new fluorescent tube luminaires.

Hytronik HCIP20

The HC-IP20 is used to enclose the HF sensors HC009S, HC005S, HC018V, HC018V/RF, HC013RF, HC014R, HC017V, HC020SDC.