There are a number of different types of gearheads for installation in small motors. The most common types are planetary gears, spur gears or worm gears, which all have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Spur gears are relatively simple and are suitable for applications in which you want to have the motor in line with the output shaft, and where a high degree of precision or high torque is not required. The planetary gear is, however, excellent when you want to maintain a high efficiency, obtain as a high a torque from as small a volume as possible, and where the backlash must not be too great. The worm gear is an angle gear, i.e. the output shaft is angled at 90° to the input shaft. This type of gear is ideal where you need to puzzle over the space available, or where you want to have self-locking operation. With a gear ratio of just under 40:1, it is of course impossible in principle to drive the worm gear backwards from the output shaft.

Different types of gearboxes are used in most motor applications, except possibly in combination with stepper motors. Electric hand tools with high efficiency requirements and compact design often use stepper motors, whereas applications in which there is a suspended load which must not fall if there is a loss of power, (e.g. different types of lifting devices), often use worm gears.
Our gearboxes are suitable for all types of rotary motors, but are often combined with AC or DC motors, brushless motors and in some cases stepper motors.

The gearboxes are available in a wide range of different sizes and designs. If a standard gear is not suitable for your application, there is plenty of potential for customising a standard gear, or in some cases developing an entirely tailor-made gearbox.

GPL planetary gearboxes

High-precision planetary gears ranging from 22 mm to 120 mm in diameter with plenty of potential for customisation. We are happy to supply gears in this range fitted with a motor. Gear ratios range from 2:1 to 512:1 with continuous torque up to 350 Nm. Also available in a design with reduced backlash for applications requiring maximum precision.

GSR worm gearboxes

Worm gears (angle gears) for a wide range of different applications, in three sizes up to 8 Nm continuous torque. Also available in a design with reduced backlash for applications requiring high precision.

FAULHABER planetary gearheads

The robust planetary gears in this range are designed for installation with FAULHABER precision motors for applications requiring high torque and high performance. Available in a range of different designs made of plastic or metal with sintered or ceramic bearings or ball bearings. There are also modified versions for high temperatures or other demanding environments.

FAULHABER spur gearheads

A wide range of high-quality gear units for installation with FAULHABER DC and brushless motors. Manufactured either entirely from metal or with plastic in the input stage to achieve extremely silent operation.

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