Light curtains and sensors

Light curtains and sensors are essential for safety in the area around lifts, sliding doors and gates.

At present, existing lifts are usually equipped with sensors which provides 2D scanning using the infrared technology. Looking ahead, the security will be further increased by using 3D technology, which is provided by sensors using the Time of Flight technology. Time of Flight sensors – TOF sensors – are measuring the time taken for the light to reach the environment. Then the time is converted into a distance in the sensor. In transition into TOF technology and the 3D scanning method, the protective effect will increase to a greater level.

Compotech is working with the company CEDES AG. CEDES AG has been developing innovative solutions for security since 1986 and is the leading supplier in the field of information systems for doors and gates industry as well as in the elevators industry plus the safety and automation industry.

With the introduction of the Time of Flight technology, CEDES will contribute the market into a technology that will have great effect on the security regarding elevators, sliding doors and gates. The safety is essential regardless of whether the task is detecting humans and objects in the gates belonging to the private garage, the aircraft hangar or the elevator.

Cedes ljusridå

Safety curtains

Cegard/Lift is “Class 2” certified in accordance with SWETIC and is therefore approved for installation in lifts without doors. Instead of needing to replace older models of lift at a high cost, you can install Cegard/Lift. The safety curtain is classed as a safety component and is self-monitoring with the aid of a built-in control function. Cegard/Lift is also used as a comfort sensor and where there is a requirement for the sensor to be part of the lift’s safety system.

Cedes APS positionssensor

Position sensors

All lifts need to have monitoring of their position. This is both to determine when they need to be braked and also to enable them to stop exactly level with the floor. The Cedes APS, (Absolute Positioning System), handles this with great precision and safety. The system consists of the APS sensor, code tape and mounting clips and it is suitable even in the highest buildings and with the fastest lifts on the market.

The contactless, SIL 3 rated, twin IR cameras on the lift continuously read the code tape mounted along the lift shaft. Because the APS code tape can be mounted on guide rails, C-profiles or other fixed points in the lift shaft, the APS can easily be fitted into every type of lift installation, including modernisation and retrofitting projects.


This compact and versatile Time Of Flight camera sensor offers a three-dimensional protection area including the entire closing face of both cabin and landing doors. Thanks to its advanced technology, the TOFgard is mainly self-learning, limiting the mounting and set-up to a two minute plug and play job. Further benefits are the drastsically reduced costs for shipment and logistics as the TOFgard consists only of a very small sensor unit which means the packaged volume is greatly reduced.

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The TOF/Spot is a compact yet powerful measuring system with the widest range of application possibilities. It uses Time-of-Flight technology to ensure ultra reliable detection and exact detection range setting, regardless of the background. This enables a detection range of up to 6 m. The sensor can measure the exact height at which a person or object enters the detection area or it can simply switch the output at a predefined level. This means the potential application areas are immense: from safeguarding the closing edges of revolving doors, to measurement of liquid levels, to providing touchless-button functionality. Its small dimensions mean the TOF/Spot is ideal as a built-in solution.

TLS 600

The TLS 600 with its wide detection area and reliable operation is the ideal door-opening sensor for automatic doors. The mounting bracket is discreetly merged into the sensor housing and allows easy mounting and alignment. With aesthetics playing an increasing role in architectural design, the TLS 600’s compact and elegant design allows it to easily blend into all types of door frames.

IMS 100

The IMS 100 provides a new level of safeguarding by monitoring the entrance area to elevators. Integrated alongside existing safeguarding systems, the IMS 100 detects intending passengers as they approach the elevator, ensuring the doors do not close on them. This reduces overall door-opening times and improves elevator efficiency. Its compact design and automatic door-recognition make the IMS 100 ideal for both retrofitting and new installations.

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