Turnkey motion systems

Complete, turnkey motion systems for rotary or linear motion. If you require motion solutions in unit quantities with a rapid delivery, we offer a large range of complete assemblies from Oriental Motor where quality, performance and simplicity are keywords. The entire range consists of more than 80,000 parts all with short lead times!

The most small integrated motor control unit on the market

The  integrated motion controller BX4, extension in length compared to the motor alone is 18mm only including a full featured servo controller and a 12 bit encoder. To top this, the full performance of the motors can be used in all different executions.

Variable-speed control

Complete systems based on AC motors, stepper motors or brushless DC motors with a large range of gearboxes. Connect to mains voltage and turn the rotary control to adjust your speedis one example and there are many more. We have what you need up to 200 Watts output power.


Complete systems based on high performance stepper motors with a surprising performance, and a large range of gearboxes. Controllers which can easily be adjusted to defined patterns of movement or more advanced control units with CAN bus communication for example, providing you with even greater flexibility.

Rotary hollow shaft actuator

Rotary actuators consisting of a stepper motor and a turntable. These are ideal for applications requiring indexing. This series includes controllers.

Krister Larsson

Application Engineer Motors

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