LED Drivers from Xynrgi and other manufacturers

Our lineup of LED drivers spans from types with on/off functionality, dimmable drivers and more advanced types like DALI and tunable white. Within our own brand Xynrgi, we provide drivers with integrated DIP switches that allow voltage adjustments according to specific needs.

LED drivers convert the voltage and current from the power source to appropriate levels

LED technology has long contributed to energy-efficient facilities and modern lighting control. However, LED luminaires are sensitive to changes in current and voltage, necessitating a stable, constant current or voltage supply. This is where LED drivers come into play. Drivers ensure that the system operates within recommended operating limits by monitoring and regulating the current or voltage that powers the LED luminaires. Proper power supply prevents damage to luminaires or potential malfunction.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly illumination

Different types of LED drivers cater to various applications, based on different LED technologies. While some are designed to drive a single LED unit, others can power multiple LED lamps in series or parallel. In addition to regulating output power, dimming capabilities, and efficiency levels, drivers simplify brightness and color temperature control.

Certain types feature advanced integrated functions such as built-in light relay, daylight compensation or daylight harvest, synchronization, 24-hour daylight monitoring, and memory function. Such features make the component a valuable part of achieving intelligent and energy-saving lighting.

Xynrgi LED drivers

Xynrgi is our in-house brand where we drive our own product development. This is also where you will find our growing program in smart lighting control. Here, we focus on components and programming that enable intuitive interfaces and automatic adjustment of color temperature and light intensity.

Contact us and benefit from specialist assistance

Smart lighting should be energy-efficient, flexible, adaptable, and reliable to meet the demands of lighting applications today. If determining the appropriate components seems complex, we are more than happy to assist developers of new smart lighting control systems or those upgrading existing systems. Furthermore, as new requirements arise, having us on board in your lighting projects grants you access to extensive experience and component expertise for the development of smart lighting applications.

Xynrgi LED drivers

Ability to connect a variety of antennas, Bluetooth modules, PIR sensors, or HF sensors directly to the driver via RJ12 outlets. The drivers come with separate outputs for cool white and warm white LEDs, allowing for manual or automatic adjustment based on the programming in your tunable white or Human Centric Lighting system.