Power products

We supply products in the electronics industry, with the necessary certifications, designed to reduce engineering time while saving space due to the high performance integrated into a small package. With power products from us you will be able to bring your new products onto the market more rapidly.


Caddock produces high performance film resistor products comprising: non-inductive power film resistors and current sensing resistors for hole mounting, surface mounting, and in TO-220 casing; high voltage resistors; precision resistors with a low temperature coefficient and resistor networks; high precision voltage dividers; high temperature resistors; matched resistor kits; and customised resistor products.

Voltage regulators (LDO)

A rich lineup of advanced voltage regulators from Seiko Instruments with ultra-low current consumption and high ripple rejection ratio.

  • The world’s smallest class 0.8 x 0.8 x t0.4 mm
  • High mounting strength and high power dissipation
  • Low current consumption 0.9μA, thermal shutdown, discharge shunt etc.

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

Voltage detectors

Voltage detectors from Seiko Instruments that achieve remarkable, ultra-low current consumption and high accuracy voltage detection. Next-generation flagship model voltage detector (Reset IC).

  • Low current consumption of 270 nA
  • High detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5%

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

Switching regulators

Innovative technology from Seiko Instruments, driving high efficiency ratings and high switching frequencies. Variations to meet every requirement.

  • Low-voltage operation from 0.9 V
  • High-speed response, response to load fluctuations
  • High efficiency with light load, auto switch PWM/PFM

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

Charge pump ICs

Seiko Instruments’ charge pump ICs utilize multiple external capacitors to provide various power supplies such as constant current and step-up voltage.

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

Composite ICs

Lineup of Seiko Instruments’ VCOM buffer amplifier, and Battery backup ICs

  • Constant voltage power supply or reset circuit of battery-powered equipment, VTR, camera, communications equipment and others.
  • Lithium-ion secondary battery pack

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

Lithium-ion battery protection ICs

Internal high-accuracy voltage detection circuit from Seiko Instruments. Low current consumption, small package.

  • Wide lineups of 600 products
  • Long history for 20 years
  • High accuracy, low current consumption

Full lineup and datasheets can be found here

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