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Pushbuttons are often used in industry for machines and lifting devices.  Choose from small, large, square or round, high, protruding, impact-resistant, plastic or metal. Lighting with THT light-emitting diodes or SMT LEDs for more uniform lighting. Pushbuttons are available with most of the different IP classifications from IP40 to IP67.

We will be happy to help you develop solutions using pushbuttons that combine several functions in one place.  You can often go far by combining standard products, but you can often find breakthroughs for several problems in and around the application by using a proprietary solution. The solution can be so simple that it only involves the wiring, but the whole system is often slightly more advanced and ends up with us developing a complete system.


RAFIX 22FS+ is new for 2014 and is included in the Rafi range of control components. The series includes emergency stops, pushbuttons, knobs, key switches and USB connectors. All types include a combined actuator and contact block, which is complemented by a signal indicator.

Facts in brief:
Mounting hole diameter: 22.3 mm
Contact block with gold or silver contacts
Depth behind panel 9.2 or 27 mm
Protection class min.  IP65
Round or square collars
Contact block with quick connectors and LED clip
All types are RoHS compatible

Mounting to PCB, with quick connectors or in a control box that we can help to develop with your assistance. The films show how mounting with quick connectors and a control box on a DIN rail works. Combine with a MICON 5 for the sake of pressure sensitivity and a short travel adapter. Micon 5 is RAFI’s smallest PCB-mounted button with a tactile feel.


Rafix FS30+


This series has extra flat lenses and a low overall height which distinguishes it from the RAFIX 22 FS+. Otherwise the properties and accessories are the same for both series.    RAFIX 30 FS+ is the flat alternative for users with requirements for high reliability and slim design.

With the low mounting depth of just 15.8 mm, the switches can easily be integrated into system solutions along with other components if you choose PCB-mounting. The quick connect contact block provides an alternative to PCB-mounting. A contact block with quick connectors has a locking mechanism that attaches and easily locks the actuator without requiring any tool.

The pushbuttons in the series are manufactured in several different colours. The lenses are designed for LED lighting.

The Flexab pushbuttons in the series provide an option for individual marking of the buttons, since they are supplied complete with pre-cut label sheets. The labels are available in A4 format and can be used in standard printers. When the labels are ready and printed with the required symbols, you just print them off and fit them under the lens.


The control boxes are often fully customised, incorporating various types of selector switches, buttons, displays or overlays. It is of course the application that determines which enclosure class is required. Handheld units can be equipped with a magnet system for attachment to a vehicle, for example, while the permanently mounted control boxes can be used as a control box for doors, for example, or as control units for vehicle hydraulic systems. A further alternative is to mount on a DIN rail. Of course, we use switches and HMI products for the boxes that comply with the requirements in respect of IP classification and design.

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