Silicone and membrane keypads can be designed well when you need a pushbutton or control panel that is to be customised to the application with a unique appearance and low mounting depth. Membrane and silicone keypads provide excellent opportunities for flexibility since they can have a PET/FPC flexible circuit for simple installation for a PCB.   Combine them with switches and enclosures. You can also combine them with a membrane above the silicone panel for an integrated display and display window.

Membrane panels

Membrane panels are suitable when you need a simple control panel or keypad where function, custom design and price are most important. The graphic design provides great potential as do built-in LEDs and different pressure sensitivities. A long service life and low mounting height are some of the advantages.

Silicone keypads

More exclusive than membrane panels with a better touch response and even better potential for illuminated symbols and customisation because silicone is a light conductive and flexible material. Silicone is a material that provides high flexibility and a high sealing capability. The silicone keypad is designed as required with a unique design and shape according to the requirements and application.

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