Microswitches are used for installation in industrial applications and equipment. They break currents that are large in relation to their size and they are used virtually everywhere where there are high requirements for performance in relation to safety, accuracy and precision. Examples of applications in which microswitches are used are door locks for hazardous machinery, in white goods applications such as dishwashers and washing machines, in vending machines and cash machines.

Combine the microswitch with PCB solutions, wiring or a complete system solution. Our four main groups of microswitches are broken down by size, where specific switches have industry approval, such as those used in the automotive industry for example.

Ultra miniature

The ultra miniature microswitch is our smallest microswitch at only 2.8 x 10 x 5 mm. It withstands voltage up to 250 VAC and has a long service life. It is available in a range of variants which can be sealed and withstand high or low current.


Miniature microswitches are available in six sizes and with different installation and activation options. Gold contacts are available and the maximum voltage is 250 VAC. A number of different industry approvals are available as standard and they have great flexibility.


Subminiature switches are available in many different variants which withstand a number of different voltage ranges and approvals (ENEC, UL, CSA).


Standard microswitches are well suited to industrial applications requiring high current and high mechanical ruggedness in adverse environmental conditions.

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