Scientist explains motor technology

The technology behind RoboDrive was originally designed for use in the space and for a number of years it has been used in a robot outside the ISS space station. In this video Manfred Schedl explains how the engine technology works as he originated and performed during his time at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

RoboDrive multi-pole high torque motors for maximum torque and high precision – at the lowest possible weight and power loss. The motors are ideal for industries such as medical, aerospace, robotics and automation.

The application examples can provide guidance on how to benefit from RoboDrive. But there are of course more applications, or what do you think?

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Gyrolab xPlore

A Swedish contribution to a healthier world

Biopharmaceuticals are the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Groundbreaking progress is made every year, and pharmaceuticals tailored for our individual genetic conditions are believed not to be too farfetched.


Photo: Gyros Protein Technologies AB

In the middle of this revolution is the Swedish company Gyros AB, based in Uppsala. Practically every large pharmaceutical that develops and manufactures biopharmaceuticals is already using their so-called immunoassay platform, a system that analyses samples in pre-clinical and clinical trials. And with the introduction of the Gyrolab xPlore, the company has presented a product that lowers the threshold for even more labs around the globe to start using their revolutionary platform in the pursuit of alleviate and cure disease. Read more

Novator receives award from Boeing

For the second consecutive year, Boeing has presented Novator with a Supplier of the Year award for its exceptional performance and contributions to Boeing’s overall success during 2014. This is a huge achievement from our customer Novator, who continues to deliver machines with world-class quality.

“Receiving the Boeing Supplier of the Year award for the second consecutive year was beyond our imagination. The award means a lot to us, it is a receipt that we have done something right and hence gives as guidance for our future projects.” said Hans-Petter Andersson, Novator’s CEO.

We at Compotech are of course very proud and happy to be a supplier to Novator.

Read the entire press release at Boeing.


See the invisible with Flir’s cameras, an invaluable help to detect e.g. water damage

Since many years, we have a cooperation with FLIR Systems, a pioneer in the market of commersial thermography cameras, and supply them with electromechanics for their cameras. The cameras are today market leading for use e.g. within research and industry, but there are also uses that are closer to you everyday life. The thermography cameras have proven to be exceptional tools to detect and analyse the spread of a water damage in homes and other buildings.

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