Achieve electromagnetic compatibility, EMC.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC problems that affects everything that includes transfer of electricity (electricalcurrents and voltages). Which means that regardless of whether you have a solar power grid, charging station, windmill or even an electric shaver, there will be unwanted Electromagnetic Interference or EMI for short. Read more

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid Flex PCB which will get rid of the wires, crimping, stripping and soldering. The one PCB will be a complete unit and if the design is done right it cannot be wired wrong due to human error.

As the name implies, is a complete PCB which has a rigid section and a flexible section. This technique is used a lot in compact devices such as laptops or mobile phones. At Compotech we can use similar technique for other applications and bring new optimizations in performance, quality and costs. This may also save precious time spent in soldering and inspection which will now be done through the PCB process and by automated test equipment.

Our design process is done in-house for best control of the end product. The flex PCB will allow for one batch to be done within 25 days whereas the original wired version took over 4 months for the same size of batch.

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Directionality of microphones

The pick-up efficiency of a microphone may vary depending on the direction from which the sound comes. This characteristic can be an unavoidable consequence of the design of the microphone or a conscious design to obtain properties for specific purposes. Some microphones also have variable characteristics. This is usually illustrated graphically in diagrams showing the characteristics. In this case the microphone is located in the centre with its front directed upwards in the diagram.

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Rostig metall

Modern magnets and corrosion

Neodymium magnets, or rather NdFeB, are products produced by powder metallurgy and based on neodymium, iron and boron, which makes magnets that are impressive in relation to their strong magnetic field. They are actually the strongest permanent magnets that can be produced today.

What is not as well known is that neodymium magnets are susceptible to corrosion in their raw state. When the magnets are exposed to humidity they can corrode, which can destroy the magnet if the magnets are not treated correctly from the outset. The magnets can be surface treated to prevent corrosion.

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