Achieve electromagnetic compatibility, EMC.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC problems that affects everything that includes transfer of electricity (electricalcurrents and voltages). Which means that regardless of whether you have a solar power grid, charging station, windmill or even an electric shaver, there will be unwanted Electromagnetic Interference or EMI for short.

The EMC problems or emissions can either be radiated, in the forms of waves emitteD or conducted (spread through physical contact) and cause losses of energy, disturbances and damage for other electrical components like sensors, creation of residual currents in the grid or system, overheating of parts, all of which led to component damage, increased downtime and ultimately, loss of money.


In order to have more efficient and cost-effective products, which is the need of the hour, these unwanted disturbances have to be reduced. One effective solution is Blueferrite nanocrystalline cores. The nanocrystalline cores help reduce these unwanted emissions by absorbing this unwanted and harmful noise or disturbances. The nanocrystalline material helps dissipate the extra currents and energy through the core itself, resulting in lower losses, higher operational temperature, protection of components, increase the life of the product and many more. The Blueferrite nanocrystalline cores are easy to install as these are easily mountable on the wires themselves, providing the customer with instant benefits.

Do you want to discuss if Blueferrite may be the best suited solution and should be capable of damping EMC problems in your specific application? We´re keen to be involved in your project!