Webinar: Using Raspberry Pi to Create Powerful, Low Cost Solutions with Galil Controllers

With the recent advancements in single board PCs, having a powerful computing device is now easier and more cost-effective than ever. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and its Raspberry Pi model, in particular, have set the stage for this new form of computer. This low-cost platform invites the question,” what is its role in the automation industry?” In this webinar, we will discuss where the Raspberry Pi fits in and how it can be used with Galil’s high-performance controllers and PLCs.

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Success in ‘Elektronik 2015’ trade show

A big thanks to everyone who attended and made our participation at easyFairs Electronik last week such a success! We are proud to have had the opportunity of presenting new technology for battery charging from Seiko Instruments and transparent displays from Lumineq. We also held a popular seminar on Tuesday covering transparent display technology in general. Thank you, Joe Pimenoff from Lumineq.


Transparenta displayer från Lumineq



RoboDrive växelmotor

We also had the pleasure of showcasing Elmo’s new nano servo drive, the Gold Twitter, as well as new gear motors from RoboDrive. The gear motors are a new concept from RoboDrive that combines the innovative technology of the existing rotor/stator kits in a complete motor housing with both feedback and high performace gearboxes to offer a gearmotor that is ready to install in your application.