WEBINAR: Grow better, grow smarter with FAULHABER drive systems for agricultural robotics

It’s almost time for the next FAULHABER webinar, and this time you will go through drive packages adapted for application requirements in agricultural robotics. In this webinar you will see how compact, high-quality and long lifetime drive systems can be used for smart farming applications.


  • Drive system components for smart farming

  • Combinations and special design

  • Tips and tricks for agricultural applications

  • Speed and motion control systems in agricultural robotics

  • Drive system selection for smart farming applications

Date & Time: Secure your spot and mark your calendar for the webinar on April 16 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

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Are you looking for a flat and compact motor that surpasses most in terms of torque and length-to-volume/weight ratio? Then you should sign up for FAULHABER’s webinar on September 26th. You will gain knowledge about a special winding technology that provides exceptionally high torque and efficiency. FAULHABER will also explore application examples and how to select drive systems using the FAULHABER Drive Calculator.

Date:Tuesday, September 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

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Webinar: Optimized logistics with state-of-the-art drive systems!

Join the upcoming webinar and discover how to choose the perfect FAULHABER drive systems for your logistics applications.

Whether it’s conveyor belts, lifters, grippers, AGV robots, or camera PTZ control, incorporating high-quality drive systems can greatly enhance performance and efficiency.

In this webinar, FAULHABER will take you on a journey from defining your specific requirements to selecting a complete drive system tailored to your application.The FAULHABER experts will provide valuable insights, explaining diagrams, and sharing tips and tricks to help you choose the ideal motion source for your next project.

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your logistics operations with cutting-edge drive systems! Register now to secure your spot and mark your calendar for the webinar on June 27 11:00 AM-12:00 PM.

Webinar: Step into the world of gearhead technologies

Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your understanding of FAULHABER gearhead technologies. This time FAULHABER will  delve into the world of gearhead technologies, providing you with a comprehensive comparison that will help you make informed decisions.

This time FAULHABER will shed light on the impact of backlash and how it can be effectively reduced. Backlash is a common concern in many drive systems, and understanding its effects is crucial for achieving optimal performance. The FAULHABER experts will share practical strategies to minimize backlash and enhance positioning stability and accuracy.

Moreover, the significance of selecting the right gearhead technology for a project. Showcase of real world applications of successful integration of motor, gearhead, and encoder combinations, enabling you to complete your drive system flawlessly, will be made.

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Webinar: Straight to the point with linear actuators.

Dont´t forget to attend the FAULHABER webinar April 27. This time you´ll explore the topic of converting rotary motion to linear motion using a screw. With so many different options available when it comes to type of motors and screws, it can be challenging to identify the best technology for your needs. However, after attending the webinar April 27, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and insights in advantages and disadvantages of different technologies for creating linear motion.

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Accuracy with stepper motors

Don’t miss out today’s webinar, join FAULHABER and gain key insights into accuracy with stepper motors. Discover the fundamental theoretical basis behind accuracy and precision. And explore the various elements that influence stepper motor accuracy. The FAULHABER experts will also delve into topics such as accuracy when stepper motors are combined with linear components or encoders. To top it off – showcase the use of the FAULHABER Drive Calculator to help you select the optimal stepper motor combination.

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Webinar: Using Raspberry Pi to Create Powerful, Low Cost Solutions with Galil Controllers

With the recent advancements in single board PCs, having a powerful computing device is now easier and more cost-effective than ever. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and its Raspberry Pi model, in particular, have set the stage for this new form of computer. This low-cost platform invites the question,” what is its role in the automation industry?” In this webinar, we will discuss where the Raspberry Pi fits in and how it can be used with Galil’s high-performance controllers and PLCs.

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Success in ‘Elektronik 2015’ trade show

A big thanks to everyone who attended and made our participation at easyFairs Electronik last week such a success! We are proud to have had the opportunity of presenting new technology for battery charging from Seiko Instruments and transparent displays from Lumineq. We also held a popular seminar on Tuesday covering transparent display technology in general. Thank you, Joe Pimenoff from Lumineq.


Transparenta displayer från Lumineq



RoboDrive växelmotor

We also had the pleasure of showcasing Elmo’s new nano servo drive, the Gold Twitter, as well as new gear motors from RoboDrive. The gear motors are a new concept from RoboDrive that combines the innovative technology of the existing rotor/stator kits in a complete motor housing with both feedback and high performace gearboxes to offer a gearmotor that is ready to install in your application.