Compact and powerful – the MC 3603 miniature motion controller

FAULHABER have recently expanded its product lineup with an innovative addition—the MC 3603 miniature motion controller, a game-changer designed without a housing for seamless integration.

The new MC 3603 stands out due to its extremely compact size, making it an ideal for integration within the confined spaces typical of equipment manufacturing and medical devices. Despite its small footprint, the controller does not compromise on power. It operates at 36 V and 3 A, with a peak current of 9 A, efficiently covering a power range up to approximately 100 W. This makes it perfectly suited for a variety of motors, including standard DC motors with encoders, brushless drives, and linear motors.

Designed for versatility and ease of use

FAULHABER’s new controller is not just about power and size; it also boasts versatility. The MC 3603 comes equipped with comprehensive I/O options and encoder interfaces consistent with other products in the FAULHABER lineup. For communication, users have options such as USB, RS232, CANopen, and EtherCAT, ensuring flexibility in integration and operation. Additionally, this controller features the latest firmware version M and for optimal setup, the use of the latest FAULHABER Motion Manager (version 6.9) is recommended.

Meeting high standards

One of the critical aspects of motion controllers is their compliance with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations. FAULHABER has rigorously optimized the hardware of the MC 3603 to meet these standards, ensuring that all motion controllers in their range, from the compact MC 3001 to the robust MC 5010, are fully compliant. This attention to detail is crucial for developers looking to certify their devices, as it simplifies the process significantly.

Broad spectrum of FAULHABER’s miniature motion controller

The introduction of the MC 3603 is part of FAULHABER’s continuous effort to cover all conceivable applications involving miniature motors and micromotors. With a range that spans from the tiny MC 3001, designed for power-sensitive applications, to the MC 5010, which can handle up to 10 amps and is typically installed in industrial settings, FAULHABER ensures a solution for nearly any application scenario.

Conclusion of the new miniature motion control

With the unveiling of the MC 3603, FAULHABER continues to lead the way in the field of miniature motor control technology. This new addition is not just a product; it is a pivotal tool that offers engineers and developers the flexibility, power, and reliability needed to drive innovation in equipment manufacturing and medical technology. As we move forward, the integration of such advanced technologies will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the future of these industries.

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