See the invisible with Flir’s cameras, an invaluable help to detect e.g. water damage

Since many years, we have a cooperation with FLIR Systems, a pioneer in the market of commersial thermography cameras, and supply them with electromechanics for their cameras. The cameras are today market leading for use e.g. within research and industry, but there are also uses that are closer to you everyday life. The thermography cameras have proven to be exceptional tools to detect and analyse the spread of a water damage in homes and other buildings.

Specifically water damage is the single largest cost for insurance companies in Sweden today, which clearly indicates the severity of the problem for affected people and companies, as well as the insurance companies. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a lot of money to be saved for everyone involved.

From start to finish, Flir’s cameras can help action and repair of water damage, but also on mould or fire. The advanced technology allows for fast scanning of large areas and evaluation of what needs to be repaired or how damages can be limited – information that makes life easier for both restauration professionals and insurance companies.

Want to learn more about Flir’s IR thermography cameras? Visit (in Swedish) and watch a video demonstrating the technology.