New compact motor control unit– the market’s most compact

Currently the smallest integrated motor control (IMC) unit on the market, FAULHABER introduces a new motion solution for controlling and managing motion!

Faulhaber’s new motion controller is now integrated into the powerful brushless motor series FAULHABER 22xx…BX4. This combination provides an impressively broad range of functions and performance. The motor integrated motor control unit (IMC) is only 18mm longer than the motor itself and includes servo control and a 12-bit encoder. With the new drive electronics, you can unleash the full performance of the BX4 motors. The new V3.0 software in the IMC allows users to achieve over 15% more torque compared to the previous CSD series. The version with RS232 is ideal for integration with a PC or a custom-developed supervisory system. The CANopen version is perfect for networks in industrial automation. IMC meets the standard for servo drivers, CiA 402, making it compatible with most different PLC systems on the market. Simple tasks such as homing can be performed via the integrated Motion Controller through the digital and analog I/O. Both the RS232 and CANopen versions can be controlled in what is called stand-alone mode. The digital and analog I/Os can be used very flexibly to perform tasks such as regulation, set-point and actual values. Of course, the 22xx…BX4 IMC can be combined with many other products from FAULHABER such as the compact gearboxes GPT and the new series of linear actuators 22.

Efficient and dynamic motor control unit

The built-in current monitoring automatically protects against overload and also includes an integrated diagnostic tool with control values for torque, speed, or position according to the servo drive standard CiA 402. These features are complemented by low EMC values and the entire series is CE marked. The IMC series currently encompasses two sizes suitable for market segments such as medicine, laboratory instruments, automation, AGVs, and niche industrial applications.

Integrated control, compact quality & easy to use

The compact size of the motor housing opens up applications where space is minimal but the need for performance is still maximum. The IMC series minimizes cabling and is easy to connect to, program, and commission with the help of Motion Manager 7.1. The software is free to download from the FAULHABER website. Its graphical user interface is simple, fast, and clear, and also provides the user with extended diagnostic functionality. To get started quickly with the IMC series, adapters for RS232, CANopen, and USB available as accessories.

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