Metrology & analysis

Instruments for measuring tolerances or analysis often place considerable demands on performance and precision, which is just what we like! We have set out a few of our products that we consider particularly suited to measuring instruments and analysis below. We’re sure to have missed something, or you may know of something that we haven’t thought about. Please regard it as a form of inspiration rather than as an indication of the products we have for your application.

Galil DMC

The DMC series comprises advanced controllers for 1-8 servo or stepper motor axes, which can also be combined with built-in amplifiers. With leading servo performance, powerful software tools and a quick learning curve this is an excellent choice for centralised servo systems with high requirements for performance, advanced functionality and user-friendliness.

Elmo Gold Maestro

Elmo Gold

Probably the most compact servo driver in the world for almost all types of servo and stepper motors on the market, ranging from a few watts up to 65 kW. Excellent for decentralised multi-axis systems or for single-axis systems, where low weight and compact dimensions are critical, whilst retaining extremely high performance servo characteristics. The smallest driver weighs only 18 grams!

Linjärsteg med piezomotor

Piezo-ceramic motors

This motor technology differs significantly from traditional electric motors. Instead of being based on permanent magnets and a copper winding, these motors are based on piezo-ceramic material which converts an electric field into a mechanical motion. The technology results in a number of significant advantages over traditional motors.

Faulhaber BX4


High-performance servo motor with Hall-effect sensors and/or encoders. The motor has a 4-pole rotor which provides a higher torque at a lower speed, which in turn means a lower gear ratio, more compact dimensions and a higher efficiency. Available in four sizes ranging from 22 to 32 mm in diameter. Completely free of magnetic cogging.



This range of motors takes linear motion to completely new levels. These miniaturised and high-performance linear motors consist of a solid stator with self-supporting winding and a multi-pole magnetic bar. Highly efficient magnets help the motors to achieve an excellent dynamic performance and power.



Voltage-controlled oscillating crystals have long controlled the working pace in different types of electronics. In some applications the performance in the oscillator affects the overall performance of the system. For example, phase noise and jitter in the oscillator plays a crucial role in military, instrumentation, test and measurement, radar and communications applications.