HMI solutions and how these are combined, create intuitive, efficient and reliable options for us as humans to interact with machines. Our HMI products are used in areas where there are high requirements for design, service life, IP classification and reliability regardless of the light and temperature conditions. We help to develop displays and complete HMI solutions with panels including drive electronics which take you all the way to the goal for your product.


Displays are often based on some type of liquid crystal, in which the crystals are actuated in a certain pixel by means of a voltage in order to affect how the light, which is backlit, passes and reaches the observer’s eyes. Displays based on liquid crystal are used in everything from small displays in digital watches to wide-screen TVs, although there is a significant difference in both technology and performance between different types of LCD displays.

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Silicone and membrane keypads can be designed well when you need a pushbutton or control panel that is to be customised to the application with a unique appearance and low mounting depth. Membrane and silicone keypads provide excellent opportunities for flexibility since they can have a PET/FPC flexible circuit for simple installation for a PCB.

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Touch panels

Touch panels

Touch panels are used to advantage when interactive products are to be developed. We also offer control and drive electronics for various types of touch panels, displays and pushbuttons.

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Emergency stops

Emergency stops are used for machines and robots in industry and in the marine environment. Other examples of instances where emergency stops are necessary are for doors, escalators, transport vehicles, lifts and cranes. Emergency stops are available in many different designs to cope with a wide range of temperatures and environments. They often have a high IP classification, and a minimum of IP65 for “clean” environments and IP69K for the very highest safety level.



Pushbuttons are often used for machines and lifting devices in  idustrial applications. The buttons are available in different shapes and sizes, and are available in ruggedized versions in either plastic or metal. We have buttons with a low mounting depth suitable for PCB mounting.

Tact switch

Tact switches

PCB mounted tact switches or miniature buttons with SMT and THT connectors, often with extreme tactile feedback and long life. Panel mounted and often combined with overlay, membrane panel, plunger or key.


Rocker switch

Rocker switches are often used in lighting and as a main switch for different types of industrial machinery. The rocker switch has a less protruding shape than the lever switch and is also easier to clean. Often used with printed symbols that indicate its function.


Control boxes

Control boxes can be permanently mounted, work as handheld units or be mounted on a DIN rail. The handheld units can be equipped with a magnet system for attachment to a vehicle, for example. The permanently mounted control boxes can work as a control box for doors or as a control unit for hydraulic systems for vehicles. The control boxes are often fully customised, where different types of selector switches, buttons and displays are included and it is of course the application that determines which enclosure class is required and which emergency stop works best in the box.


Lever switches

Lever switches are used in industrial machinery and in the lighting industry. The wide variety of levers make them suitable for designer products. The levers can be that extra touch that gives your product a unique touch.