Motors & motion controllers - From concept to complete system

Regardless of whether this involves replacing pneumatic movements or creating advanced robots, there is a motion solution based on an electric motor for your application. We take on your challenges and deliver complete solutions based on small and medium-sized electric motors customised to your specific requirements.

Our technologies

A selection of the different technologies we work with in the field of electric motors & motion controllers.

Burlindad DC-motor

DC motors

Cage-wound, coreless DC motors and traditional DC motors wound round an iron core.

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Faulhaber kuggväxel


Planetary gears, gear units and various types of angle gears for combining with our different types of motor.

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Faulhaber BX4

Brushless motors

Electronically commutated motors, sometimes referred to as brushless DC motors or BLDC motors.

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Hybridstegmotor med encoder

Stepper motors

Both permanent magnet and hybrid stepper motors in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

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Linear motors

Several different types of linear motors for various applications in which power, speed or precision is required.

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Faulhaber MCBL & MCLM

Motion controllers

Control electronics for all types of motors, for both single-shaft applications and for the coordinated movement of up to 100 axes.

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Servomotor med växel

Servo motors

Brushless and DC motors with feedback for precision positioning applications.

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Linjärsteg med piezomotor

Piezo motors

Piezo-ceramic servo motors for silent, rapid and above all highly precise positioning, down to the nanometre level

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Complete function

In addition to helping you find the right component, we can also offer complete functionality, where we supply a motion solution based on one of our motor technologies.

Turnkey motion systems

Complete, turnkey motion systems for rotary or linear motion. If you require motion solutions in unit quantities with a rapid delivery, we offer a large range of complete assemblies from Oriental Motor where quality, performance and simplicity are keywords.

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