Piezo motors

This motor technology differs significantly from traditional electric motors. Instead of being based on permanent magnets and a copper winding, these motors are based on piezo-ceramic material which converts an electric field into a mechanical motion. The technology results in a number of significant advantages over traditional motors. They are, for example, completely silent, have an extremely high resolution and are scalable in terms of power. Add to that unlimited stroke, potential for both linear and rotary motion, an extremely rapid response time, the fact that they are vacuum compatible and completely non-magnetic, then you have a motor that solves many problems where traditional motors cannot be used.

The motors can almost invariably be customised to meet the challenges of a specific application, via mechanical arrangements, feedback and control electronics.

ER-15 rotary motor

The ER family are piezo motors that do not need any type of gear unit and that produce a high holding torque without power consumption. These motors are completely silent and are significantly lower in weight than permanent magnet motors.

Rotary piezo shutter

Complete rotary piezo shutter for silent operation in noise-sensitive applications. The cylindrical housing contains all the drive electronics along with a position sensor to avoid striking the mechanical end positions.

NUC shutter

NUC (Non Uniformity Correction) shutter with integrated position sensor and bearing structure resulting in a highly compact assembly for thermal imaging cameras.