The three minute guide to Compotech

Our leading-edge know-how and sourcing network provide a sense of security to a wide range of customers in the Nordic manufacturing sector. Our business concept of offering high-quality, customised components and subsystems has guided us for more than 20 years. Our goal is without fail to provide added value through our high level of technical expertise and strong presence among manufacturing companies throughout the world, which provides us with unique solutions whenever advanced projects require them.

What we do

We offer expertise in the following areas

Brushless servo motor

Compotech is a company within Addtech

Compotech is a company within Addtech, a technology trading group providing both technological and economic added value in the link between manufacturers and customers. Addtech operates in selected niches in the market for advanced technology products and solutions. Its customers operate mainly in manufacturing industry and the public sector. With some 2,000 employees, the Group attains annual sales of around SEK 6 billion to around 20 countries.

More about Addtech

The main building block in our company culture is our passion for challenges

Preferably those so tough that others have already failed. This is where the collective expertise of our staff shines through, along with an unfailing desire never to fail. In other words, we do not just dabble in components, and subsystems of various kinds – instead, we master every aspect of them, allowing us to be highly creative no matter what project we get involved in.

How we add value

From the aerospace industry to future energy systems

The Nordic manufacturing industry is broader than ever – and we are represented in almost all sectors. Among our projects you will find wave power of the future, precision drills for the aviation industry, equipment that makes life better for both farmers and their livestock and components so durable that they can be taken on a space voyage. No two days are the same at Compotech, which is also a good reason why we know that in us you have chosen the right partner! Under “Sectors” in the menu you will find a selection of the sectors in which our customers can be found.

Contact us

Here's our team. Let us know your challenges!

Alexander Lindblom

Application Engineer / Lighting Designer
+46 8 544 405 61

Carina Brandén

Order/logistics Motors & Lighting
+46 8 441 5814

Caroline Folcker

Inside Sales
+46 8 564 899 10

Engin Güzel

Industrial Designer
+46 8 441 5800

Helén Myrbäck

Order/logistics Magnetics
+46 8 441 5812

Jenni Henriksson

Order/logistics Components
+46 8 544 405 74

Jessica Brinning

Orders/logistics Motors
+46 8 441 5819

Jim Franzén

+46 8 441 5826

Johan Bergnäs

KAM / Application Engineer
+46 8 441 4802

Johan Engström

Project Sales Lighting & Magnet
+46 8 441 5808

Johan Wahlén

Inside Sales
+46 8 441 5811
Contact Kenneth_Höglund

Kenneth Höglund

Senior Project Sales Motor & HMI
+46 70 718 98 42

Kevin Löfmark

Technical- and Production Manager
+46 8 441 5800

Krister Larsson

Application Engineer Motors
+46 8 441 5822

Kristina Kristoffersson

KAM Magnet & Acoustics
+46 8 564 899 12

Lena Reftberger

Marketing Project Manager

Linda Bitar


Michael Yao

Senior Business Developer
+46 8 441 5809

Nahid Mirzajee

Quality and Inside Sales Motors
+46 8 441 58 17

Pelle Almgren

Project Sales Motors
+46 8 441 5820

Per Holmqvist

Project & Inside Sales
+46 8 441 5807

Robert Aperia

Project Sales Motors, Norway
+46 8 441 5821

Robert Hultbom

Project Sales HMI & Power
+46 8 564 899 07

Selçuk Subaşı

Business Manager Electrification, Component, Smart Lighting
+46 70 334 55 11

Staffan Tornblad

KAM Magnet & Acoustics
+46 8 441 5806

Susanne Svanberg

Order/logistics Components
+46 8 441 5804

Tim Åhlén

Business Manager Motors & Motion Control
+46 8 441 5816

Tobias Åkerlind

Project Sales Motors
+46 8 441 5829