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Compotech’s environmental work

As part of Addtech, Compotech runs long-term development work with an environmental focus. The reason for this is simple; we are convinced that this makes us a better choice than our competitors. We therefore seek to always be at the leading edge when it comes to our environmental work.


Our operations have a limited direct environmental impact (we do not operate any factories) so we are constantly working on improvement measures in the areas where we can make a difference. As an example of this, today more than half of the electricity used in the entire Addtech Group comes from renewable sources. Our goal is to constantly increase this proportion. Another important factor that can have an impact is our transport operations. We therefore always seek to take environmental performance into account when choosing transport methods. A growing proportion of our company vehicles are also green vehicles such as biogas vehicles and fuel-efficient diesel vehicles.

Sustainability Report

The Addtech Group publishes a Sustainability Report which provides customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders with the opportunity to read about the development of our CSR work. The Group published its first Sustainability Report in 2011. The reports form the basis of the Group’s further development in CSR. Topics reported include the Group’s use of energy, climate impact, employee turnover and occupational health and safety.

Read more about Addtech’s Sustainability Report here.

Environmental policy

Compotech’s most important environmental goal when supplying technical products and solutions is to support the life cycle approach and its focus on greater resource and energy management.

  • We shall minimise the occurrence of waste and prevent any risks of emissions.
  • Environmental performance shall be taken into account in the choice of products and transport methods.
  • We shall constantly encourage our employees and suppliers to carry out open and committed environmental work.
  • Our environmental work shall lead to constant improvement, and the applicable legal requirements are minimum requirements for our operations.

Code of Conduct

We have had a Code of Conduct for a number of years and every year our parent company Addtech produces a Sustainability Report which reports on the results of its CSR work throughout the Group. The report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for application level C.

See our Code of Conduct here.

Certified according to ISO 14001

Compotech is certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Click below to download the ISO certificate.

Download ISO certificate