For sustainable development

We all have an important role in contributing to a more sustainable development. At Compotech, we have been focusing on sustainability for many years. A prerequisite for sustainable development is that we look after all the people who affect our business. This includes our customers, suppliers, employees, partners and the communities in which we operate. That is why we work to drive improvement measures throughout the value chain. Our goals is to firstly lead the development towards a more sustainable direction and to run our own business in a sustainable way.

Economical value

By working integrated and systematically with sustainability, we create long-term value for our customers and owners.
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Environmental work

As part of Addtech, Compotech conducts long-term development work with an environmental focus.

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Social responsibility

Compotech works for good business ethics, diversity and equal opportunities as well as development opportunities for all our employees.

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Sustainability goals

With the UN's Global Goals as a starting point, we have carried out a materiality analysis where we have identified priority areas for sustainability and which measurable goals we should focus on.

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Our partnership with customers and suppliers is of the utmost importance when it comes to our sustainability work. An example of this is when we work together to review our transport of goods in order to reduce our common climate footprint. The basis for cooperation with suppliers is the Supplier Code of Conduct.Through dialogue and systematic follow-up, we work to ensure that the minimum requirements in our code are met with regard to areas such as human rights, working conditions, equal treatment against corruption and the environment.

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