Product development and design

Help needed for designing a circuit board for handling specific sensor data or a custom cable between the motor and motion control? Or possibly product development all the way from specifications and requirements into serial-produced and optimized product. Depending on your challange - our mission is to contribute the parts of your vision.

We complement R&D processes and elevate your products

We develop everything from simple solutions to pioneering advances for optimum levels of engineering precision and efficiency. At Compotech our specialists combine technical competence, experiences and knowledge in electronics, electrics, software and mechanics. Means cutting-edge expertise in several areas.

Electrical Design

Experienced designers with electrician experience to make final product right on first iteration.

Electrical Design

Experienced designers with electrician experience to make final product right on first iteration.

Mechanical Design

Expertise in structural analysis and transfer of mechanical energy in the most efficient fashion.

Software Design

Strong focus on reliable and tested code snippets to complement the whole application.

We reduce project time from initial request to full scale production

It is often a matter of finding the right manufacturing partner, based on the requirements of the application. Should the final product be made from plastic or metal? Which plastic? How can we optimise the production process by making small changes to the components? Our idea is to help through the whole process from ideating to specifications and requirements to a ready-made, serial-produced product and logistic optimisation.









How it works

When engaging us, you will become closely involved in every step of the development stages. Our project method is well approved and allow us to deliver consistent result when transferring ideas quickly, safely and efficiently into optimised serial productions.



We have extensive experience of similar projects. For example, we have developed an industrial design and HMI for Rollsroller, integration and PCB design for Klimatbyrån, an electrical panel for East Side Technologies and a strategic design for branding and product segmentation for our Xynrgi dimmer. In this way we make the final result worth more than the sum of its component parts.

Case 1, Electrical Panel for East Side Technologies

The client wanted to buy a drive and a motor. However, our passion for delivering customized and tailor-made solutions led us to to ask a bit more what they wanted to do and to thoroughly understand their needs and challenges. Our dedicated team worked hand in hand with the customer to bring their vision to life. The result? We offered them not just a motor and drive system but a comprehensive solution that exceeded their expectations. By integrating our expertise in electronics, mechanics, and industrial design, we created something that truly took their application to new heights.

Steps through the whole process

  1. Doing the design on Zuken E3

  2. Building a prototyp and sent to use for test

  3. Preparing all documentation for full scale production

  4. Providing a education to prepare the customers team in how to build this cabinet themselves

Case 2, PCB design for Klimatbyrån

The client wanted a motor and was asking about if we could redo their motor driver which had some issues. We instead made a PCB that will fit in the motor case which will save the costs of manufacturing, cabling and installation.

Steps through the process

    1. Building a quick prototype.

    2. Designing with Altium Designer, written software on MPLAB for microchip.

    3. Producing a small scale of 10 pieces for testing.

    4. Simulation of long term testing for 500.000 cycles.

    5. Running a pre-complience test with ESD discharge test.

    6. Providing all documentation for full scale production.

    7. Doing the production, programming and testing

Case 3, Mechanical Design for Rollsroller

The client wanted to buy an encoder but needed a way to build it all in one kit for testing. They also wanted to use an Ingenia Jupiter drive to run the system via a potentiometer. We made a quick flange to munt the encoder in a good way.

Steps through the development process

  1. Making a design for the flange of Solidworks

  2. 3D printed parts for assembly

  3. Assembling all the components

  4. Doing a drive tuning to make the things operate as per their application

  5. Sending to prototype to client. Also sent the parameter file and base program to cut the customers design time.

  6. Results pending

Industrial Design – collaborate and develop

 At an early stage we investigate in various mechanical options.


We collaborate with users and stakeholders to understand their workflows and needs.

Ideating & Sketching

Populating ideas is the key to discover new solutions.


Testing ideas through prototypes with users help us to eliminate less feasible and non-ergonomic solutions.


From ideas to manufacturable solutions is a result of a long lasting partnership with our customers.


Optimizing products at the DFM stage could be already too late. Having DFM experts in the team saves money and time.

Make your vision a reality

Don´t hesitate to contact our developers if you want to know how our resources in electronics, electrical, mechanical engineering and industrial design can help your vision for your next application become reality.

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