Schackpjäser framför 3D-skrivare

3D printers

The revolution has started. We believe that 3D printers will change how we view prototypes, product development and spare parts in the future. We have set out a few of our products that we consider particularly suited to different types of 3D printers below. We’re sure to have missed something, or you may know of something that we haven’t thought about. Please regard it as a form of inspiration rather than as an indication of the products we have for your application.

Galil DMC-30017

Galil DMC

The DMC series comprises advanced controllers for 1-8 servo or stepper motor axes, which can also be combined with built-in amplifiers. With leading servo performance, powerful software tools and a quick learning curve this is an excellent choice for centralised servo systems with high requirements for performance, advanced functionality and user-friendliness.

Faulhaber BX4 SC


High-performance servo motor with Hall-effect sensors and/or encoders. The motor has a 4-pole rotor which provides a higher torque at a lower speed, which in turn means a lower gear ratio, more compact dimensions and a higher efficiency. Available in four sizes ranging from 22 to 32 mm in diameter. Completely free of magnetic cogging.



This range of motors takes linear motion to completely new levels. These miniaturised and high-performance linear motors consist of a solid stator with self-supporting winding and a multi-pole magnetic bar. Highly efficient magnets help the motors to achieve an excellent dynamic performance and power.

Linjär stegmotor non-captive

Linear stepper motors

This type of motor is based on a stepper motor in which the shaft has been replaced by a nut that rotates with the rotor. A lead screw has then been fitted through this nut, which when prevented from rotating produces a linear motion. Available with various windings and in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 86 mm square. Produces up to 1700 N.

LCD Display


LCD screens are made up of liquid crystal molecules, hence the name “Liquid Crystal Display”. LCD technology is divided into the passive and active (TFT) subcategories. Passive LCD screens are available as pure graphic displays and are based on a matrix in the X and Y axes, e.g. 320×240 pixels, or only character based with 1×8 up to 4×40 characters, 4 rows of 40 characters per row and each character consisting of 5×7 pixels.

Cedes ljusridå

Safety curtains

Cegard/Lift is “Class 2” certified in accordance with SWETIC and is therefore approved for installation in lifts without doors. Instead of needing to replace older models of lift at a high cost, you can install Cegard/Lift. The safety curtain is classed as a safety component and is self-monitoring with the aid of a built-in control function. Cegard/Lift is also used as a comfort sensor and where there is a requirement for the sensor to be part of the lift’s safety system.


Rotary stepper motors

NEMA-standard stepper motors in a variety of different sizes ranging from 20 mm square (NEMA 8) to 110 mm square (NEMA 42). Hybrid stepper motors are built for a long service life and high torque. Choose from several different windings, both two-phase and three-phase.

Galil DMC motion controller


Galil DMC is a powerful motion controller for all types of motors that fit perfectly in 3D printers. They can handle up to eight axes and it is possible to mix and match different types of motors on all axes to reach maximum performance.


  • Short time-to-market thanks to a quick learning curve and many ready-built functions for coordinated motion
  • Good APIs for LabView, Visual Studio and much more
  • Full support for PVT profiles allow for smooth motion, for example when applying filament
  • Works with all motor technologies
  • Fantasic support from Galil’s and Compotech’s application experts
  • Convenient communication via Ethernet, USB or RS232
  • Super fast servo performance


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