We have been involved in several aerospace-related projects, but of course many things in this field have never been done before. We love to learn new things and to solve problems. We have set out below a few of our products that we consider particularly suited to the aerospace industry, because they withstand extreme temperatures or have been specifically developed for operation under vacuum. We’re sure to have missed something, or you may know of something that we haven’t thought about. Please regard it as a form of inspiration rather than as an indication of the products we have for your application.

Precistep FDM

Miniature stepper motors

Miniature stepper motors with a wide speed range and exceptional performance, suitable also for harsh environments. This series, that ranges from 6 mm in diameter to 22 mm in diameter, can be combined with a series of modular servo components such as encoders, backlash-free gearheads, integrated lead screws and much more.

Galil DMC

The DMC series comprises advanced controllers for 1-8 servo or stepper motor axes, which can also be combined with built-in amplifiers. With leading servo performance, powerful software tools and a quick learning curve this is an excellent choice for centralised servo systems with high requirements for performance, advanced functionality and user-friendliness.


OCXO heated oscillators

A crystal can be heated up to 70°C to oscillate at a very precise frequency. The process takes place in an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO). The temperature stability is indicated in ppb (parts per billion) instead of ppm (parts per million). There are what is known as double ovens, in which an oven oscillator is placed inside another one, which provide even more precise temperature stability. In wireless communication such as base stations, satellite receivers and radio links, OCXOs are often used as reference clocks.