In Sweden we have many first-rate lighting companies which supply our homes and public spaces with good lighting. When we choose lighting, the capacity for energy saving and design are often crucial to the customer. Our sensors, motors and switches are available in both products which are new to the market and also in older luminaires which can often be given an extended life cycle with the necessary modernisation.

Proximity sensors

Microwave sensors are used to control lighting when you want to detect motion, e.g. for ventilation or surveillance. Microwave sensors work regardless of climate and through non-metallic materials such as plastics, glass, plaster and wood. We will happily build them into the lift, using a special enclosure. The sensors are triggered by motion and then switch on the light or equipment, which is then switched off after a preset time interval.


Pull switches

Pull switches are mainly used for lighting and most of all for suspended office lighting. The advantage of a pull switch is that individual luminaires are easier to control. Pull switches are also available in a momentary action variant enabling the lights to be dimmable.



Vippomkopplare används inom industriella applikationer för maskiner och apparater men även inom belysningsindustrin. Den stora möjligheten att få fram olika typer av vippor gör att omkopplarna passar bra att använda till designprodukter. Vipporna kan om man vill, vara det lilla extra som sätter extra karaktär på slutprodukten.


Rocker switches

Rocker switches are used for lighting and also frequently as main switches for various machinery in industry. The rocker switch has a less protruding shape than a toggle switch and is also easier to dry off. In industry they often have printed symbols indicating which function they have.

Precistep FDM

Stepper motors

This category contains the only “digital” motors that make movements in discrete steps. We deliver both permanent magnet motors and hybrid stepper motors in a wide range of designs. The motors are highly reliable, have a long service life, a relatively low price and deliver a high torque, compared with DC motors, for example.

Elmo Gold Maestro

Elmo Gold

Probably the most compact servo driver in the world for almost all types of servo and stepper motors on the market, ranging from a few watts up to 65 kW. Excellent for decentralised multi-axis systems or for single-axis systems, where low weight and compact dimensions are critical, whilst retaining extremely high performance servo characteristics. The smallest driver weighs only 18 grams!