Human Centric Lighting

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Human Centric Lighting creates environments which enhance our biological clock by improving our natural circadian rhythm.

Hytronik delivers high quality components as sensors, LED Drivers, DALI products and Bluetooth. These components in combination with tunable white LED modules form the core of Human Centric Lighting systems.

Intuitive interfaces and automatic adjustment

We also develop subsystems and customise components for intelligent and energy-saving LED lighting. LED technology has long contributed to energy-efficient systems and modern light control. With the right components and simple programming, you can obtain intuitive interfaces and automatic adjustment of the colour temperature and light intensity at all times of the day.

Wireless Human Centric Lighting control via Bluetooth

Configuration, grouping and control of the lighting is made easier for both users and installers with Hytronik’s little flexible Bluetooth device. The unit is connected to other components via the mesh network and controlled via a mobile app.

The latest addition to the human-centric series is two sensors with Bluetooth-enabled wireless communication. These allow easier and faster commissioning via the app and communication between other products in the Hytronik range. This allows you to group them according to your own requirements. You can use our Bluetooth-enabled wall panel to easily communicate with the system and the installation remains flexible. The wired DALI outputs and inputs for traditional spring-loaded switches allow easy updating of existing DALI installations.

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