A broad concept that can mean so much but can be defined as something that includes equilibrium, motion and forces. Our mechanics division mainly handle gears, optics and motion systems but what can be done depends on what you need. We will go through your requirements together and work out precisely what you need.

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There are a number of different typers of gears for mounting on small motors. The most common types are planetary gears, spur gears or worm gears, which al have their own characteristichs, advantages and disadvantages.

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Complete motor kits

Complete, turnkey motion systems for rotary or linear motion. If you require motion solutions in unit quantities with a rapid delivery, we offer a large range of complete assemblies from Oriental Motor where quality, performance and simplicity are keywords.

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Optics is a broad area that includes more than just lenses. Our products complete lenses with focus mechanisms, apertures, calibration shutters and vibration reduction. We also work on pure mechanics such as optical tubes.

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