AC motors

Many different types of motors fall into the category of AC motors. The ones we work with most often are synchronous motors and induction motors, but we can of course meet other needs within the category. What AC motors have in common, as the name indicates, is that they are driven by AC voltage.  In most cases this involves operation directly from the wall socket, i.e. 230 VAC and 50 Hz.  Synchronous motors have, in principle, the same design as a stepper motor and rotate at a speed which is synchronous with the frequency. The induction motor is asynchronous, i.e. it does not follow the frequency precisely, but often lags it by 2-20%

Simple and cost-effective

Our AC motors are generally relatively simple motors, for fairly simple tasks, such as rotating an object at a constant speed. They are cost-effective, produced in high volumes and often comply with standards or de-facto standards in terms of their physical measurements etc. The motors in this category are found in heating and ventilation, conveyor belts etc.

Often combined with gear units

Induction motors are most often combined with a gear unit to reduce the speed and increase the torque.  In most cases there is a standard gear that is suitable and one of these can be fitted on delivery.  For some applications it is necessary to know exactly how fast the motor is rotating. In these cases tachometers, a type of generator, are sometimes used, which generate an analogue voltage which is proportional to the rotational speed.

For some applications it is necessary to go beyond the standard catalogue. We have nothing against that. We are happy to investigate with you the possibility of winding the motor according to the application, finding alternative installation methods or even developing a motor wholly to your requirements.

AC induktionsmotor med växel

Induction motors

Single-phase asynchronous induction motors ranging from 15 W to 120 W. All motors in this series are CE approved. There is also a series of UL-approved motors. The motors measure 80 mm or 90 mm square depending on power. They are wound for 230 V and supplied with a capacitor.

Synchronous motors

AC synchronous motors for rotating applications with speeds of up to 720 rpm. Available in different power ranges and wound for 230 V. We can supply up to 35 Ncm.

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