QuickShaft linear servo motors

Changes the way you view linear precision motion

QuickShaft 3,2 m/s


With velocities up to 3.2 m/s and accelerations exceeding 200 m/s², the QuickShaft is faster than any other motor in our standard range

QuickShaft 6 µm upplösning


The integrated linear hall sensors provide a resolution of 6 µm, about a fifth of the cross section of a human hair

QuickShaft MCLM


Combined with FAULHABER’s MCLM series or Elmo’s Gold series intelligent drives, you get full control over every aspect of your motion

QuickShaft in action

QuickShaft in detail


QuickShaft exploded view

These high performance, miniaturised linear motors consist of a solid stator housing containing the windings, and a multi-pole magnet forcer rod. Highly efficient magnets enables the motor to reach fantastic force and speed performance. Linear hall sensors are integrated in the stator housing in order to provide optimum commutation and exact position feedback. Self lubricating sleeve bearings mean minimum maintenance.

Choose between connector and cable with discrete leads, or ribbon cable integrated in the motor housing.

Three sizes

QuickShaft is available in three sizes and with a range of different strokes. Can't find a suitable standard stroke? Let us know, and we'll discuss a custom length magnet rod for you.

QuickShaft LM0830


The smallest motor in the series measures 8 mm square and 33 mm long. Available strokes are 15 to 40 mm. Up to 1.03 N continuous and 3 N peak force. This size is connected using a flexboard and provides small, but fast and exact movements.

QuickShaft LM0830


Measuring 12 mm square and 47 mm long. Available strokes are 20 to 120 mm. Up to 3.6 N continuous and 10.7 N peak force. The choice is yours; integrated ribbon cable or connector and cable with discrete leads.

QuickShaft LM0830


Measuring 20 mm square and 70 mm long. Available strokes are 40 to 220 mm. Up to 9.2 N continuous and 27.6 N peak force. Regardless of the cable style you choose, you can expect stunning performance.

Meet QuickShaft’s best friend



Combine QuickShaft with MCLM, an intelligent drive with integrated motion controller that allows you to control QuickShaft down to the smallest movement.


Complete motion systems

The sequence below shows three QuickShaft motors combined with the same number of MCLM motion controllers to achieve a joystick-controller maze game.

Is QuickShaft right in your application?

Call us and we'll talk about your application requirements. The QuickShaft may be the answer to your challenges.