Smart lighting control powered by Hytronik

Hytronik presents a completely new approach to lighting control – by introducing a range of wireless products based on Bluetooth technology.

Hytronik Nordic is taking a broad approach by launching products for both:

– Wireless Bluetooth sensors for lighting solutions for luminaire manufacturers

– Bluetooth dimmers for upgrading existing lighting systems, both in private and public environments

Bluetooth for consumers

Hytronik’s new series of Bluetooth dimmers called HBTD8200X is available in variants for the most common dimmer technologies – Trailing Edge, 1-10V, DALI or On/Off function. HBTD8200 series products are ideal for controlling LED luminaires or other traditional light sources in the home environment or at the office.

Hytronik app:

The Interior Lighting Control app opens up a wide range of functions depending on which model of the HBTD8200 series is used:

– Mesh network
– Timer settings
– Astro timer
– BIO alarm
– Scenarios
– Circadian rhythm
– Overall control via spring-loaded switches
– Bluetooth panel
– Holiday mode
– Pairing with motion sensor
– Fits into flush-mounted box

Bluetooth for luminaire manufacturers

Hytronik’s new Bluetooth sensors for installation in luminaires come in both master and slave variants. The app allows quick and easy commissioning/grouping of Bluetooth sensors. The combination of a control unit + Bluetooth sensor allows it to be fitted in luminaires with limited space. The control unit can also be hidden behind the PCB for a shadow-free installation.

Control options are available in variants of 1-10V or DALI depending on requirements. The daylight harvest function has been improved by our latest technology, known as Photocell Advance. With the Photocell Advance technology users can attain maximum energy saving and simplify the design of fairly small luminaire solutions.

Apps for mobile control

Hytronik’s Interior Lighting Control app for Android and Apple’s iOS allows new cost-effective upgrades to be implemented on existing systems. You choose how to configure your mesh network via the apps.  The app user interface has a simple design in both settings and operation for a clear plug-and-play experience.


Simplify installation with our User Manual – we go through every step from installation to how to get started with the app (link to pdf).