XYN0100101AA – Xynrgi motion sensor in small dimensions for limited spaces

This Xynrgi compact size design sensor is suited to built-in a wide range of fixtures. Adjusting DIP switches facilitates change of detection area, hold time, daylight sensor and other parameters.


Operating voltage 220~240Vac 50/60 Hz
Maximum switched power 200W @230Vac Inductive Load
400W @230Vac Resistive Load
Standby power <0.1W
Detection area 100% | 75% | 50% |25%
Hold time 5 s |30 s |1 min |5 min |10 min |20 min |30 min
Daylight threshold Normal daylight sensor 2 lux | 10 lux |25 lux | 50 lux | disable
Microwave frequency 5.8 GHz ±75 MHz ISM Wave Band​​
Microwave power 1mW Max
Detection radius (100% detection area). Ceiling Mounting at 3m height: 0.3m/S ≥3.5m, 1m/S ≥2.5m

Wall Mounting at 2m height: 0.3m/S ≥8m, 1m/S ≥4m

Detection angle Ceiling mount 150°
Mounting height Typical value 3m, 4m is maximum
Operating temperature -25°C~60°C​​
IP rating IP20
Certification CE, RED, TUV


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Detection description

The microwave techology behind the characteristics of the Xynrgi sensor ensures that detection works regardless of the prevailing temperature with detection through all non-metallic materials.

Light control activates if the external brightness value is lower than the set value. When the microwave sensor detects the movement of the object, the sensor will start to work and enter the state of light on and enter the state of light off after the holding time.

Switching function

The super small size and flexible installation benefits our Xynrgi motion sensor suitable for all kinds of lamps. Strong anti-interference ability, installed in the metal environment without error touch, effectively avoid flying insexts and other small signals triggered by mistake. The dip switch setting induction distance, induction delay, light threshold related functions, simple operation.

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When the ambient light is sufficient, the light will not return on even if there is a movement signal.

When the ambient light is low, sensors detect human movement and the lights turn on.

After the delay time, the lights will turn off when the sensors do not detect human movement.


The Xynrgi sensor is suitable for any typical indoor applications such as office, corridor, car park, warehouse and other commercial or industrial areas.

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