We have set out a few of our products that we consider particularly suited to optics below. We’re sure to have missed something, or you may know of something that we haven’t thought about. Please regard it as a form of inspiration rather than as an indication of the products we have for your application.


Zoom & focus systems

Complete zoom or focus subsystems, tailored to the application. We build these systems in close collaboration with our customer to obtain optimum performance, the correct installation dimensions and the correct precision. Depending on the application, we base the systems on different motor technologies such as stepper motors, piezo or brushless motors.


Optical tubes

Optical tubes made of aluminium, various stainless steel alloys or various types of plastics. Hardness and tolerances according to functional requirements. Depending on the requirements, it is not only possible but also often desirable to combine different types of materials and methods of production/tolerance levels to obtain as good a solution as possible.

Galil DMC

The DMC series comprises advanced controllers for 1-8 servo or stepper motor shafts, which can also be combined with built-in drivers. With leading servo performance, powerful software tools and a shallow learning curve this is an excellent choice for centralised servo systems with high requirements for performance, advanced functionality and user-friendliness. Certified to ISO 13485:2003.



This range of motors takes linear motion to completely new levels. These miniaturised and high-performance linear motors consist of a solid stator with self-supporting winding and a multi-pole magnetic bar. Highly efficient magnets help the motors to achieve an excellent dynamic performance and power.

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Linjärsteg med piezomotor

Piezo-ceramic motors

This motor technology differs significantly from traditional electric motors. Instead of being based on permanent magnets and a copper winding, these motors are based on piezo-ceramic material which converts an electric field into a mechanical motion. The technology results in a number of significant advantages over traditional motors.


Precision mechanics

Precision mechanics for zoom and focus – everything tailor made for your specific application. We are happy to work with tight tolerances for diameter and roundness. In certain applications we work only in metal, but in others it may be appropriate to combine metal with plastic, or provide a complete solution in some type of plastic material.

Linjär stegmotor

Linear stepper motors

A stepper motor in which the rotor shaft is a lead screw. A nut is fitted on the lead screw, which when prevented from rotating produces a linear motion. Available with various windings and in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 86 mm square. Produces up to 1700 N.

Faulhaber BX4 med kulskruv

Faulhaber BS

Faulhaber’s powerful servo motors can be combined with the addition of a 22 mm or 32 mm ball screw. Thanks to their high precision, these are ideal for positioning in applications requiring high precision.


Permanent magnets

The magnetic materials are not generally used in their delivered form, but parts are manufactured from the starting material. Compotech’s network includes manufacturers of stamped, turned, laminated and sintered parts. We can also provide heat treatment of these parts to obtain the maximum magnetic performance.



The relationship between the magnetic flux and the current is called inductance. Inductance coils (also called “inductors”) are used to filter alternating and direct current and to store energy. An inductor transmits direct current, but more or less blocks alternating current, i.e. put simply an inductor has the opposite effect to a capacitor.