Are you looking for microwave sensors, PIR sensors, dimmable LED drivers, DALI and emergency lighting?

Right now, you and your colleagues are probably developing new smart lighting systems or upgrading existing luminaries. At Compotech we are expanding our offerings and adding extensive R&D capabilities, so chedule a meeting with one of our sales representatives, discuss your challenges and ideas. We’d be happy to be a part of your journey and your new releases. Having us on board in your lighting projects grants you access to extensive experience and component expertise for the development of smart lighting applications.

LED panels

You want to design a lamp but cannot find a LED panel that fits your vision? We have ready to use LED modules where you are in full control and can adjust all parameters such as shape, LUX, connectors, hole-pattern, and many more.

Components, systems and R&D resources

We offer energy-saving products and intelligent lighting solutions with HMI, magnetic systems, motion sensors, LED drivers, DALI and Bluetooth. Comprehensive R&D resources allow us to customise and develop subsystems for most lighting applications.


Sensors with HF and PIR technology for the detection, measurement and control of motion and/or light, with or without timer and remote control.

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LED Drivers

With Sensor-Dim connection via RJ12 socket for direct connection of sensor operation. Both the operation and service life of the LED lighting are ensured by the driver.

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LED Panels

We design with Altium Designer, have fast in-house protyping & manufacturing, carry out test panels & long term testing and analysis.

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USB charges

CE approved USB chargers for installation in luminaires and other types of applications. Input 100-240V 0.5 A~60/50 Hz.

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Push buttons

Available in a wide variety of designs and combinations such as lit, small, large, square or round, high, protruding, impact-resistant, plastic or metal.

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Pull switches

Pull switches make it easy to control individual luminaires. An instantaneous variant provides dimmable lighting.

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Wide range of wiring with certifications to standards such as AS 9100C, SA 8000, Green Partner, Preferred supplier GE, MedAccred and OHSAS.

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Toggle switches

Switches made of plastic or metal which can give further character to the luminaire, available in a wide variety of designs.

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Wall switches

Wall switches can be used for on/off in direct connection to the luminaire. Available in a wide variety of designs.

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