Compotech’s environmental work

As part of Addtech, Compotech works for a long-term development with an environmental focus. The reason for this is simple; we are convinced that this makes us a better choice than our competitors. We therefore seek to always be at the forefront when it comes to our environmental.


Our annual climate analysis shows that our greatest impact on the climate is our transport of goods (scope 3). We therefore strive to always take environmental performance into account and focus on streamlining and switching to more carbon-efficient transport. One of our environmental goals is to reduce our carbon dioxide intensity by 50% by 2030. To achieve our goal, collaboration with suppliers and customers is of the utmost importance. To reduce our direct CO2 emissions (scope 1 & 2), we have 100% renewable electricity in our premises and a growing proportion of our company vehicles are green cars.

Sustainability Report

At Compotech, we have been reporting environmental and climate data, based on the GHG Protocol and GRI, since 2012. Our reporting is included in the Addtech Group’s annual sustainability report, which gives customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders the opportunity to take part in developing sustainability work. Our sustainability data is reviewed by third parties to ensure transparency and data quality. Some of the subject areas reported are the Group’s energy use, climate impact, staff turnover and employee health & safety.

Read more about Addtech’s Sustainability Report here.

Environmental policy

  • Minimize environmental impact
    We consider our products’ life cycle, minimize waste and emissions and focus on reducing emissions during transport.
  • Engagement
    We encourage our staff and suppliers to engage in minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Improvement
    Our culture encourages continuous improvements.

And we are fully committed to follow applicable legal and other stakeholders’ requirements.

Code of Conduct

We conduct our business based on our internal Code of Conduct with high business ethics, work to reduce our environmental impact, respect human rights in our own business and drive the requirements further in our supply chain.
The basis for cooperation with suppliers is our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Through dialogue and systematic follow-up, we work to ensure that the minimum requirements in our code are met in areas such as: human rights, working conditions, equal treatment against corruption and the environment.

See our Code of Conduct here.

Certified according to ISO 14001

Compotech is certified according to ISO 14001:2015. Click on the link below to download the ISO certificate.

Download ISO certificate