FAULHABER MC3 Motion Controller

Motion Control for decentralised intelligence with EtherCAT from FAULHABER

Decentralised intelligence and the capacity for real-time communication with higher level process control technology and flexibility in usage applications are requirements for cutting-edge drive systems within the context of networked industry (cf. company box) has taken appropriate action and developed a new generation of motion controllers.

Like the existing products and the products that continue to be available, the new generation V3.0 is also perfectly coordinated to DC-micromotors from our own portfolio but not limited to them. New devices can be integrated into the most varied environments via interfaces such as RS232, USB, CANopen or EtherCAT. The electrical connection is made easier by a consistent plug concept and a comprehensive selection of cable accessories. Particular value has been placed on simple and easy start-up. The user software Motion Manager version 6 is presented with a fully new “look and feel”. There is a new more powerful yet easy to use programming environment for the applications and autarkic usage areas without higher level controller that have dominated the market to date.

Three device variants cover different application areas: The Motion Controller MC 5005 and MC 5010 with housing and plug connectors are designed for use in switch cabinets or in devices. Motion control systems as servomotors with integrated Motion Controller are already pre-configured and makes it possible for use directly in the automation environment. An intelligent modular system makes it possible to integrate diverse brushless and brush-commutated DC servomotors into standardised housing. The MC 5004 motion controller is designed for use in existing housing as an open plug-in card. An optionally available motherboard make it easy to get started in multi-axis applications. All three versions use the same technology basis, offer the same interfaces options, the same operating philosophy and the same functionality.

FAULHABER – The drive experts from Schönaich

With their 1,700 staff members, the FAULHABER Group is specialized in the development, production and deployment of high-precision miniaturized and miniature drive systems, servo components and drive electronics with up to 200 watts of output power. This includes putting into effect customer-specific packaged solutions as well as an extensive range of standard products, such as brushless motors, DC-micromotors, encoders and motion controllers. The FAULHABER Group trademarks are recognised worldwide as a symbol of high quality and reliability in complex and demanding application areas, such as medical technology, automatic placement machine, precision optics, telecommunications, aviation and aerospace, and robotics. From micro drives with 1.9 mm diameter up to the powerful 44-mm DC-micromotor that can be combined with various precision transmissions, the company offers dependable system solutions for a multitude of applications.